Friday, May 30, 2014

Welcome Invited Readers! (Redux 1)

As previously disclosed in my initial post (and 2 follow ups) this blog is for invited readers only! Readers who are not invited may NOT read nor comment on this blog. If you are not invited you are NOT welcome to read or comment on this blog. Please LEAVE immediately... although you may linger long enough to use the comment form (see sidebar) to request an invite if you wish.

That said, I hereby welcome my invited readers (Again, uninvited readers should no longer be reading) to this "exclusive club", if you will. Want to hang out and chat with others who have been INVITED like yourself on a blog where the undesirables are kept out? This blog is the place.

Given that you were invited and now a member of this "members only" club, do you not feel special? Well, you are. I would have rejected your request for an invitation if you were not.

And, although there currently are no invited readers, this post will be applicable to invitees once any apply and are accepted. In any case, you wouldn't be reading this if you were not an invited reader... so if you're reading you're special.

Or you're breaking the rules and reading this post when you should not be. If that is the case I politely request that you STOP reading and leave this site immediately!

Still reading? Then you MUST have been invited... and I welcome you to my "invited readers only" blog.

Please leave many comments. Enjoy yourself. You deserve this recognition of your specialness. Special because your request to join was accepted and you can now comment to your heart's content.

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