DSB Complete Post List

001. The Dervish Sanders Blog's First Commentary. 5/20/2015.

002. The Truth Regarding The Conservative & Libertarian Desire To Eliminate The Minimum Wage Because It Will Reduce Unemployment For Black Youths. 5/20/2015.

003. Concern For The Wealthy Number One Concern For Non-Duped Libertarians. 5/20/2015.

004. The Difference Between Crony Capitalism & NeoLiberalism. 5/21/2015.

005. Free Trade Is Racist (Thom Hartmann Rant #1). 5/22/2015.

006. Why The United States Operates Under An Expansive Interpretation Of The General Welfare Clause. 5/25/2015.

007. Proselytizing Lester. 5/27/2015.

008. The Virtuous Cycle Created By Raising The Minimum Wage (Thom Hartmann Rant #2). 5/28/2015.

009. Conservatives Hate Democracy & Desire Oligarchy (Thom Hartmann Rant #3). 5/29/2015.

010. Comedian Louis CK On White Privilege & Male Privilege (Comedy Bits). 6/2/2015.

011. "Family Values" Sicko Pervert "Pastor" Mike Huckabee Wants To Shower With Teenage Girls. 6/11/2015.

012. On Fox Nooz And MSNBC. 6/21/2015.

013. On Al Gore Being Elected President In 2000 #1. 7/24/2015.

014. Free Market Economics Is A Cancer (Thom Hartmann Rant #4). 7/28/2015.

015. On Al Gore Being Elected President In 2000 #2. 8/1/2015.

016. On Chris Matthews Conflating Socialism & Democratic Socialism To Harm Bernie Sanders (Thom Hartmann Rant #5). 8/3/2015.

017. Democratic Socialism & The Market (Thom Hartmann Rant #6). 8/5/2015.

018. Initial Thoughts On The 1st 2016 Republican Potus Debate. 8/6/2015.

019. Washington More About Insiders V Outsiders Than Democrats V Republicans (Thom Hartmann Rant #7). 8/10/2015.

020. Subway Severs Ties With Jared Fogel Due To Him Getting Arrested And Pleading Guilty To Sex With Minors Way Worse Than When He Said He Was Personally Going To Give Kids AIDS? 8/21/2015.

021. How Much Money Will Kim Davis' Bigotry Net Her? 9/7/2015.

022. One And Done? 11/3/2015.

023. Is Negotiating With Vladimir Putin The US President's #1 Job/Priority? 11/4/2015.

024. Hell Yes A Time Traveling Jeb! Would Kill Baby Hitler. 11/11/2015.

025. Kentucky Election On 11/3/2015 In Which Matt Bevin "Won" The Governorship Was Likely Stolen. 11/12/2015.

026. Mathematical Proof That Republicans Are Engaging In Widespread Election Fraud. 11/13/2015.

027. On Ben Carson's Misunderstanding Of What GDP Represents. 11/16/2015.

028. We All Knew It Was Only A Matter Of Time (Re Trump Saying Hillary "Lied" About Terrorists Using The Donald's Rhetoric To Recruit). 1/4/2016.

029. Republican Congress To Pass Legislation Which Would Effectively Bail Out Volkswagen? (Proof The GOP Is In The Pocket Of Big Business/The Wealthy). 1/6/2016.

030. Thoughts On A Bloomberg 2016 Presidential Campaign Via The Thom Hartmann Program: "It's A Joke" & "It's Just Ridiculous". 1/26/2016.

031. Rep Alan Grayson On The Republican Charge That Hillary Clinton Did Something Illegal Or Dishonest Re Benghazi. 1/28/2016.

032. Flint Water Crisis Proof Republicans Are Evil & Hate Poor People. 2/3/2016.

033. Right-winging Bitter Clinging Proud Clingers. 2/9/2016.

034. Immediately Following Death Of Antonin Scalia, Repubs Promise To Obstruct Obama In Appointing Replacement. 2/14/2016.

035. Bernie Sanders Can Win The Nomination Despite So Many Of The Superdelegates Pledging Their Vote To Hillary Clinton. 2/16/2016.

036. Corporate Media Employee Rachel Maddow Sells False Narrative Re Bernie Sanders Revolution. 2/17/2016.

037. Regarding The Donald Trump "Joke" Tweet Re Obama Being A Secret Muslim. 2/25/2016.

038. Kiss-up Kick-down Christy Trump Endorsement (Thom Hartmann Rant #8). 3/2/2016.

039. Donald Trump Prenup With Wife Melanoma Says If She Poops Or Farts She Gets Nothing In Divorce. 3/9/2016.

040. Larry Flynt Offers A Team Of Doctors To Conduct An Examination Of Trump's Package To "Confirm His Boast". 3/11/2016.

041. President Obama Should Appoint A Supreme Court Justice Even If Congressional Republicans Refuse To Act. 4/11/2016.

042. If gop Preznit Nominee Trump Promises To Appoint Ted Cruz To SCOTUS #NeverTrump Wingnut Author Tells Glenn Beck Then He'll Vote 4 Him. 5/5/2016.

043. Not Able To Comment On The RNUSA Blog. 5/20/2016.

044. What Rightwingers & Libertarians Mean When They Use The Words "Freedom" & "Liberty" (Thom Hartmann Rant #9). 5/21/2016.

045. Thoughts On Trump For President Voters & Supporters. 6/10/2016.

046. Hillary Clinton On Budgetary & Defense Policy Has The Republican Position. 6/15/2016.

047. On The Ghostbusters All Female Cast Reboot. 7/11/2016.

048. The "Secret" In The Secret Life Of Pets. 7/13/2016.

049. President Doofus #1. 8/4/2016.

050. President Doofus #2. 8/7/2016.

051. Proof That Donald Trump Can Relate To The Common Man (Voter). 8/8/2016.

052. Donald Trump Suggests Hillary Clinton Should Be Assassinated If Elected. 8/9/2016.

053. President Doofus #3. 8/12/2016.

054. Donald Trump Says That As President He Might Have Hillary Clinton Deported. 9/3/2016.

055. Hillary Clinton Will Die Shortly After Being Elected President, Making Tim Kaine POTUS #46. 9/12/2016.

056. President Doofus #4 (The Elder Doofus Puking Incident). 9/12/2016.

057. Trump/Pence Yard Signs In My Neighborhood. 10/19/2016.

058. Trump Supporters Hear Donald's Calls For Hillary To Be Assassinated If Elected. 10/21/2016.

059. Donald Trump, The "I Know You Are, But What Am I?" Candidate. 10/26/2016.

060. Glenn Beck (A Professional Moron) Says Only Way HRC Can Win Election Now Is Actual Magic. 10/26/2016.

061. Garrison Keillor On Trump & Republican. 12/1/2016.

062. Is Joe Biden The Raddest VP Ever Or What? 12/21/2016.

063. Melania Trump Is A Russian Spy & Husband Donald Is Cultivated Asset! (Confirmed 100% Factual). 12/24/2916.

064. Presidency Stolen From Rightful Winner HRC (Alex Mohajer Writing For HuffPo). 1/16/2017.

065. Donald Trump Not "Natural Born", Not A "Person" & Therefore Ineligible To Serve As POTUS. 3/14/2017.

066. Donald Trump Absolutely Is Hitler Reincarnated (154 Percent Certain). 3/20/2017.

067. Donald Trump To Start World War 3 On April 15, 2017. 3/20/2017.

068. Sean Spicer Says Jews Are #4 On List Of History's "Bad Guys". 4/18/2017.

069. Fake News Is Conditioning Minds For The Emergence Of The Antichrist, Donald Trump. 4/24/2017.

070. President Doofus #5. 5/4/2017.

071. The Antichrist Donald Trump Demands All People Accept The Mark Of The Beast. 5/24/2017.

072. Rex Tillerson Confirms That Comments & Actions Of Predisent Fart Do Not Reflect American Values. 8/27/2017.

073. Trump-Branded KKK Hoods For Sale In Trump Tower Gift Shop. Outrageous!. 8/30/2017.

074. Rich Republican A-Holes Who Think Poors Love It When Natural Disasters Wipe Them Out. 9/6/2017.

075. Dotard Predisent Forgets Wife Is Standing Right Next To Him. 9/27/2017.

076. Preznit #43 Highly Praised By Comedian Helen Hong On 10/20/2017 Airing Of The Stephanie Miller Show. 10/26/2017.

077. DSB-77. TBD.

078. DSB-78. TBD.

079. DSB-79. TBD.

080. DSB-80. TBD.

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