Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Difference Between Crony Capitalism & NeoLiberalism

Neoliberalism is the "freeing" of business by government getting out of the way, while Crony capitalism is government inserting itself into the free market with regulations to help corporations. Or with contracts, bailouts, etc. Any way the State can help the corporation (except by getting out of the way), that's crony capitalism.

Progressives hate both neoliberalism and crony capitalism, while Libertarians love neoliberalism. The reason is because they believe that corporations can crush workers and further enrich the oligarchs without government help. Unlike the Republicans (who favor both Neoliberalism and Crony Capitalism). Because, while they agree with the Libertarian goal of crushing workers and enriching the oligarchs, they additionally believe the politicians should get rich too (by helping the oligarchs).

Although I must note that Conservative Dems (Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) favor both as well (although to a lesser degree). Because both parties are beholden to the oligarchs that fund their campaigns. Even more so now thanks to Citizens United, the SCOTUS decision that gave the go ahead to the Oligarchs to assume complete control of our elections.

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