Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Concern For The Wealthy Number One Concern For Non-Duped Libertarians

A comment submitted to the rAtional nAtion blog, in response to the following from another commenter after I stated the truth concerning Libertarianism, which is that it is an ideology that revolves around doing what is best for the wealthy.

dmarks: As for the wealthy, concern about them has nothing to do with libertarian ideology in general. And absolutely nothing to do, of course, with libertarian reasons to oppose drug laws and prostitution laws. (Wed May 20, 2915 @ 05:04:00 AM EDT).

My Response...

The difference between Libertarians and Conservatives is that Libertarians believe government should get out of the way and allow the plutocrats to rule, while Conservatives believe governmental politicos should help the plutocrats (while enriching themselves, of course).

Both ideologies call for the further enriching of the already wealthy by screwing workers. Both here and in other countries. They hope to achieve this goal by pitting groups of workers against each other. Low wage minority workers against low wage White workers (by eliminating the minimum wage) and American workers against low wage workers in 3rd world countries (by eliminating tariffs). Their hope is that groups of workers will fight each other for who will work for the least amount of money.

[end comment. Submitted 5/20/2015 @ 4:15pm CST. Status: Published]

See SWTD #213 "Libertarian Dream Of Plutocrats As The New Feudal Lords & Everyone Else Their Vassals" for further thoughts from me on Libertarians.

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