Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Truth Regarding The Conservative & Libertarian Desire To Eliminate The Minimum Wage Because It Will Reduce Unemployment For Black Youths

They SAY that (one of the reasons) is because it will reduce unemployment among Black teens, but I say they're full of it. They're not concerned about Black youth unemployment at all. The non-duped Conservatives and Libertarians only pretend pretend to be concerned about unemployed Black youths. The real reason they desire elimination of the minimum wage is racist in nature.

In their view Black labor is worth less than White labor and (the lie is that) by not allowing business to pay lower wages to Blacks the result will be higher Black unemployment. The truth is they believe racially biased White business owners will (when there is a minimum wage) favor the hiring of Whites. And obviously, if they're forced to pay more, they'll go with the workers who are worth the higher wage (White workers).

But if there isn't a minimum wage? Then Black workers (youths and adults) can be hired for what they're really worth. It's a win-win in their minds. Blacks get jobs that would go to Whites in the presence of a minimum wage. Because they can be hired for what they're really worth, which is LESS than they'd pay a White worker.

It is also a win for wealthy business owners who can add the difference between the White wage and the Black wage to their bottom line.

(excerpted & adapted from SWTD #281).

SWTD Tags: Minimum Wage.

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