Saturday, December 24, 2016

Melania Trump Is A Russian Spy & Husband Donald Is Cultivated Asset! (Confirmed 100% Factual)

Ordinarily I'd view a rumor like this one with suspicion. But I read recently that calling a story "fake news" is a "nonsensical talking point". Everyone should determine for themselves if a news story is legit or not (I assume). How? I'm not sure, but I think that if the story confirms your biases that means it is likely true.

With that in mind, when I heard that Melania Trump is a Russian spy, I went to Google and looked for a story that confirmed what I felt in my gut could be true.

Could Donald Trump, stupid man that he is, be even more of a Russian puppet than he knows? Now, we're just spitballing here, but is there somebody very close to Trump, who happens to be from a former Eastern bloc country, who is VERY PRETTY in a Hot Dour Spy sort of way, and who could have access to the deepest bowels of the Trump empire? Yes, there is! Her name is Melania Knauss Trump, and if we were doing an international spy operation, she'd be the PERFECT person to send in and cultivate a gross dude like Trump as an asset. He spends his life groping his way around hot model ladies, and he'd never imagine a sexxxy Eastern European model might fall in love with him for any reason besides HE'S DONALD TRUMP, ANY QUESTIONS? (No, For Real, Though, Is Donald Trump A Russian Intelligence Asset? by Evan Hurst. Wonkette 11/1/2016).

There is also the fact that Melaina's father was a member of the Slovenian Communist Party. She is a Russian spy! It's all so obvious. All one has to do is connect the dots.

I also read that a former spy tells FBI that Russia cultivated Trump as an asset, provides evidence. According to the former spy, "there was an established exchange of information between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin of mutual benefit".

So, the homophobic religious bigot Pence will be prez when the Donald is prosecuted and convicted of treason, I assume? Unless Congressional Republicans decide they don't care. Which, so far, seems to be the case.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Is Joe Biden The Raddest VP Ever Or What?

This from the self-described "finest news source" in America.

WASHINGTON - Encouraging the group of visitors that he was showing around the Roosevelt Room to "fucking hightail it", vice president Joe Biden was reportedly stopped by "killjoy" Secret Service members Tuesday who moved quickly to shut down his unofficial White House tour. "I provide a legit service at a discount, unlike that rinky-dink official tour where you don't get to peep half as much cool-ass shit, but those glorified security guards had to go and put the kibosh on it", said Biden, who had reportedly been making some extra cash on the side by approaching groups of tourists waiting in line outside the White House and asking them if they wanted to see the "real deal", before sneaking ahead into the West Wing to check if the coast was clear.

"The actual tour is a huge ripoff, but Diamond Joe's Ultimate Sightseeing Adventure shows you stuff that's not on any map. Listen, there's some shit that Barry doesn't even know is here, and I was letting people in on it for a totally reasonable price". (Secret Service Shuts Down Biden's Unofficial White House Tour Operation, The Onion).

Now, some people say that The Onion is a "fake news" site and that their articles are actually satire. But other people say that it's intellectually bereft to parrot mainstream media buzz-words like "fake news".

You wanna be intellectually bereft? Not me. Which is I came to the conclusion that these fascists are trying to crush dissent and squash free-speech. Heck, even in the halls of Congress they seem to be hearkening back to the not so subtle fascism of tyrants such as Adams, Lincoln, and Wilson (something called the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act). We need to stop this shit and, yes, stay vigilant. Because you know that they will for sure.

Anyway, I say Joe Biden rocks. If this story is true, that is. Which I think it is. Because it SOUNDS like something Joe Biden (the coolest VP ever) would do. Also, there is photographic evidence (see below). In any case, do you think we should we leave it to Google, Verizon, Cable News, and Mark Zuckerberg to determine what is "fake news"? Hell no! Enough with the memorized nonsensical talking points!

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Garrison Keillor On Trump & Republicans

Two excerpts from recent articles by author Garrison Keillor that remind me why I like him so much (I've always been a fan of A Prairie Home Companion).

Raw ego and proud illiteracy have won out, and a severely learning-disabled man with a real character problem will be president. Alas for the Trump voters, the disasters he will bring on this country will fall more heavily on them than anyone else. The uneducated white males who elected him are the vulnerable ones, and they will not like what happens next. ...the damage he will do to our country — who knows? His supporters voted for change, and boy, are they going to get it. (Trump voters will not like what happens next. The Washington Post 11/9/2016).

He will never be my president... I don't see anything admirable or honorable about him. This sets him apart from other politicians. (How many liberals does it take to screw in a lightbulb?. The Washington Post 11/15/2016).


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Monday, October 31, 2016

Glenn Beck (A Professional Moron) Says Only Way HRC Can Win Election Now Is Actual Magic

Because of FBI Director James Comey deciding to interfere in the election (SWTD #356).

[The video that was here has been removed because it is of the type that starts loading and then plays automatically, which I HATE. I mean, I don't want this stupid video to play every time I load this page. Because I have a data cap. Go here and then scroll down a bit to view it. Stupid Beck Blaze encoders].

And, if "magic" somehow does come into play (magic favoring HRC), what we will end up with is a president Tim Kaine. Because HRC will be sent to prison, impeached and removed from office (presumably).

And remember that Glenn was for the Canadian-born religious nutjob Ted Cruz (SWTD #332). And he's said he's not voting for Trump (or Hillary). But now he says Trump has it in the bag.

Me, I doubt it. Maybe Comey's meddling will make it a tad closer, but I'm still predicting an HRC win. Some dumb-dumbs might be fooled, but why the hell should an investigation into Anthony Weiner throw the election to Trump? (BTW, among the dumb-dumbs are people like Luke Spencer, who wrote on his blog that Weiner is HRC's "pervert buddy". Yes, he seriously is THAT stupid).

But I'd say Glenn Beck still has Luke Spencer beat. Or maybe it's a toss-up. Glenn Beck has the fact that he's very wealthy (100 million net worth) going for him. He is apparently smarter than the average dumb-dumb, in that he has been able to fool the dumb-dumbs into giving him lots of money.

A 2/3/2016 Daily Beast article says some people refer to him as a "mad genius". The article then goes on to note that Beck's "media empire" is currently crumbling.

But, even if it burns down, he'll likely come out the other side a wealthy man. It isn't as if he would have to pay the $10 million The Blaze owes out of his personal fortune. At worst he'll declare bankruptcy and sell off the Blaze's assets. Possibly to the coming Trump TV network (speculated).

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Donald Trump, The "I Know You Are, But What Am I?" Candidate

Donald Trump employs the "I know you are, but what am I" strategy at the 3rd POTUS debate held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on 10/19/2016. (0:41).

Another "I know you are, but what am I" from the bigot Trump (0:20). A 8/24/2016 WP says "Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a bigot while addressing the crowd at the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson MI".

I could probably find many other examples, but to keep it short, I'll get to my point, which is that Donald Trump, with his "I know you are, but what am I" strategy, reminds me (and Stephanie Miller, which is where this idea actually comes from) of the following scene from the 1985 film, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. In the movie, Pee-Wee Herman employs the "I know you are but what am I" strategy in an argument with Francis Buxton, his neighbor (who, unbeknownst to Pee-Wee, as paid someone to steal his bicycle). (0:07).

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump Supporters Hear Donald's Calls For Hillary To Be Assassinated If Elected

Members of The Young Turks discuss Trump supporter Dan Bowman explaining Hillary Clinton assassination plans to WSJ reporter.

Transcription of the video above (from 10/17/2016).

Dan Bowman: I feel like Hillary needs to be taken out. If she gets in the government I do everything in my power to take her out of power. Which, if I have to be a patriot, I will.

WSJ Reporter: Is that a physical threat?

Dan Bowman: I don't know, is it? (The Independant article by Feliks Garcia. 10/17/2016).

I would say yes. "If I have to be a patriot, I will" is code for him saying he will attempt an assassination and give his life in order to "take out" a president Hillary Clinton. Exactly what Trump called for! (DSB #52).

YouTube Video Description: At a rally in NC, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Second Amendment supporters may be able to figure out a way to stop Hillary Clinton from picking federal judges as president. It wasn't clear what Trump meant. (Published on Aug 9, 2016).

Regarding whoever posted this to YouTube saying "it wasn't clear what Trump meant"... IMO it was very clear. It was crystal clear to people like Dan Bowman. Give me a break, we all (or at least most of us) know the coded language of the far Right! A "patriot" is someone who dreams of revolution to get the government they want, and "2nd amendment remedies" is a call to assassinate Democrats/politicians you disagree with.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trump/Pence Yard Signs In My Neighborhood

I've only seen one, although, given that TN is projected to go Trump, I suspect many people are supporting him, they just don't have yard signs. The pic below was taken by me on 10/18/2016, up the road from where I live.

Below is a picture of the house the yard signs are in front of. The last pic is of their horses. As you can see, the house is fairly large, so I'd guess they're voting Trump for economic reasons. But to have a sign in the yard indicates more than support simply because Trump isn't a Democrat. This isn't a situation of someone voting AGAINST a candidate, as opposed to FOR one. SIGNS point to these people possibly being deplorable, in other words.

For the record, I've never met these neighbors. I don't recall when they moved in, but the house was for sale for awhile. They might have been there a few years. I just don't remember.

These neighbors, in addition to the horses, also have donkeys, which are very loud. Not that I'm complaining, I just didn't realize how loud a donkey's braying was before. Sometimes, lying in bed at night, I'll hear them. And they aren't close, but up the road a ways.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

President Doofus #4 (The Elder Doofus Puking Incident)

Up until this point in the "president doofus" series all entries concerned george w bush, the 43rd preznit of the United States. But, as we all know, the father of george w bush was also a US preznit.

In this entry in the series, I ask readers to recall an incident that shows that the doofus doesn't fall far from the tree. There are likely other examples, but the one that springs immediately to mind was the time doofus #41 (1989-1993) barfed on the Japanese PM.

Video: George HW Bush fainted after vomiting at a banquet hosted by the then Prime Minister of Japan, Kiichi Miyazawa on 1/11/1992. It is the only documented occurrence to date of a US President vomiting on a foreign dignitary (as per Wikipedia).

Image1: After he pukes, Babs wipes his mouth with a napkin, saying "that's it love. Get it all up".

Image2: Wikipedia notes that "In Japan, even several years later, Bush was remembered for this event. According to the Encyclopedia of political communication, The incident caused a wave of late night television jokes and ridicule in the international community, even coining Bushu-suru which literally means to do the Bush thing".


Although this was not the only incident wherein a preznit named "Bush" embarrassed the American people (who apparently have short memories), as the first doofus was #41 and the second doofus was #43 (with Bill Clinton serving in between as #42).

Although, while the younger doofus served two terms, both times he was "elected" via massive cheating). Only getting in the first time via SCOTUS appointment (in 2000 they decided that, even though Gore had won the election, they would hand the presidency to bush).

Then, in 2004, when Kerry "lost" the Presidential race to George W. Bush, who is widely considered the worst President of the modern era, he refused to challenge the results, despite his suspicion that in certain states, particularly Ohio, where the Electoral College count hinged, proxies for Bush had rigged many voting machines. (excerpt from the 12/28/2015 New Yorker article "Negotiating the Whirlwind" by David Remnick).

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton Will Die Shortly After Being Elected President, Making Tim Kaine POTUS #46

Tim Kaine would be an unelected potus! He was selected by Hillary Clinton, not the voters. Is this what you want, Democratic voters? Clearly the only choice is to vote for Donald Trump. Given the fact that, if elected, he would be the healthiest preznit ever. As per his doctor.

FYI, I know that HRC will die soon because I read it on World Net Daily. This is a very reliable mainstream news site that many people look to for a "fair and balanced" take, just like Fox Nooz. And, like Fox, WND is totally Right. Right-wing, that is. Although WND is even fringe-ier.

In any case, that HRC has only months to live, as WND editor-in-chief Joseph Farah (guy you can recognize by his Groucho-Marx-looking-greasepaint-mustache) reveals in a 9/11/2016 commentary.

...Mrs. Clinton prematurely left a memorial service marking the 15th anniversary of 9/11 in New York City, walking gingerly and collapsing as aides tried to get her into a van... On Sunday afternoon, the campaign recognized the tide had turned as her collapse dominated the news cycle [the HRC health "conspiracy" has now gone mainstream].

It turns out Hillary had battled a previous undisclosed bout with pneumonia, all the while insisting she was in perfect health. The pneumonia caused her to become "overheated" in a mild autumn day and "dehydrated". Does this explain the coughing fits, too? Does it explain other falls? Does it explain the disturbing head-bobbing episodes that have gone unreported by the media? Wouldn't "pneumonia" be a convenient excuse for all of it? (Hillary Health "Conspiracy" Goes "Mainstream" by Joseph Farah. WND 9/11/2016).

"Something is wrong here. Something is very, very wrong" Farah writes, concluding his commentary. What is wrong is that HRC is brain damaged and dying. As DOCTOR Drew Pinsky recently revealed. An act of truth-telling that got him fired from his HLN show (OST #177).

Clearly, HRC should come clean with the American people. Which is that she's dying and therefore unfit for the presidency. Then she should drop out of the race for the White House and admit that Donald Trump should be the next commander in chief. Because DJT tells the truth about his health (also that the Generals are rubble, that we should take Iraq's oil, and that it "should be expected" that male military personnel will rape female military personnel).

Image: Mustache man Joseph Farah tells the truth about HRC's health issues (the ones she's covering up because they will result in her death sometime in late January 2017 or early Februrary 2017, making her the next William Henry Harrison). Clearly HRC's health issues disqualify her from the presidency. Trump 2016!

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Disaffected: Shocking! How Fox News could fix Obamacare and save the brain-damaged dying Hillary Clinton, 8/19/2016.

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Donald Trump Says That As President He Might Have Hillary Clinton Deported

The following quote via a Rightwing website called the "Conservative Book Club" (note: it isn't from the Onion).

Donald Trump: I am going to create a new special deportation task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in America who have evaded justice just like Hillary Clinton has evaded justice. Okay? Maybe they'll be able to deport her. (Should Hillary Clinton Be Deported? by Bradley Matthews. Conservative Book Club).

Note that Donald Trump never indicates that he's joking. The title of the article doesn't indicate that this is a joke. In fact, it's posing it as a serious question. Nowhere in the body of the article does the author say DJT is joking. Most of the comments attached to the article also take the suggestion seriously (though not all).

Even though (and you may have already guessed it) but a US born citizen can't be deported. says that US citizenship can be revoked, but only if the person was born a citizen of another country. In which case they'd be deported back to the country of their birth.

Natural-born US citizens can not have their US citizenship revoked and therefore cannot be deported. A natural-born US citizen can voluntarily give up their citizenship, but such a person (which Hillary Clinton is) can NOT be stripped of their citizenship and deported against their will.

One herp-derp says "I hope Trump is our next President. I hope also that he will prosecute her and deport her". But, if she were "deported" somehow, she could live quite comfortably in another country. That's a major belly-ache Clinton detractors have; that she's wealthy. And she got wealthy via criminality (Clinton Foundation is a "slush fund").

Although another commenter (one who is slightly less of a derp) says "OMG! Heck YES!!!! However, because she is an American citizen, we cannot do this. Therefore, the right thing to do is to deport her to the BIG HOUSE, where she belongs!!!!!"

So this person is right that HRC can't be deported. But she isn't going to be sent to the Big House either. In fact, I think it's more likely that Donald Trump could be sent there. Not a lot more likely though, given the fact that different rules apply when it comes to wealthy and powerful people. Which isn't to say that I think HRC is going to get off the hook (re her supposed criminal acts) due to being wealthy and powerful (it's because she isn't guilty of most/all of the things Rightwing derps think she's guilty of).

But wealth and power are why I think it isn't likely that Trump will end up in prison for his crimes (raping a 13yo, Trump U fraud, mob ties, illegally employing non-US citizens, encouraging Visa fraud, other crimes). Much as I'd like to see that happen.

Maybe the HRC administration can fast-track a law change that will enable a DJT deportation? I think that Hillary should at least look into it. That and many other things.


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Friday, August 12, 2016

President Doofus #3

george w bush, the 43rd president of the United States (or "preznit", which is a term I use to indicate disrespect), was undeniably one of our MOST doofy executives. Even if he wasn't technically elected the 1st time, but rather appointed (Al Gore being the candidate who was actually selected by the people).

But, regardless of how he obtained the office (being appointed, cheating) he did serve 2 terms, during which (in addition to allowing terrorists to fly planes into the twin towers and ordering the illegal invasion of a sovereign nation based on lies) he also (quite frequently) did or said things that pointed to his being a total doofus.

Appearing silly is one thing (and all modern presidents appear on camera A LOT, so it's bound to happen), but take a gander at the expression on this doofus' face (see picture below). Can anyone deny that he looks like a total dumbass?

Image: Bush tackles challenge of malaria (article excerpt) The White House turned its attention Wednesday [4/25/2007] to preventing and eradicating malaria, a big killer of African children. But it wasn't all serious business: President Bush pounded on the drums for a West African dance troupe and had some fun [in] the Rose Garden event with... his wife, Laura [for the 1st time] marking Malaria Awareness Day alongside observances elsewhere in the world.


OK, so bush has SOME redeeming qualities, in that he did seem genuinely interested in comitting resources to saving lives in Africa. I could also commend him for his efforts to fight AIDS in that region of the world. Although, as CounterPunch points out, the "major contribution to fighting AIDS in Africa... an initiative begun in early 2003... just before the Bush Administration launched its war against Iraq [was likely done] to spit shine the image [by impressing] evangelical supporters – a key element to his constituency".

And then there's this.

When Bush was in office, PEPFAR [President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief] was little more than yet another boom for U.S. pharmaceuticals as the program required that the drugs be purchased from the pharmaceuticals holding patents, It was the shift to generics, encouraged according to some sources by Bill Clinton, has led to a significant extension of the program and $1 billion savings over a 5 year period. (The Real Story About Bush, HIV/AIDS and Africa by Rob Prince. CounterPunch 8/14/2013).

Regarding preznit 43's AIDS efforts, actor (and Democrat) Matt Damon said "I would kiss George W. Bush on the mouth". But bushie wasn't acting for purely altruistic reasons. It took a Democrat to reform the program (saving the taxpayer money in addition to expanding the program and saving more lives).

The main motivation was, as it was with bush's wars, enriching his cronies and well as himself. The bush family via the Carlyle Group and the Cheney family via KBR and Halliburton (The Inexplicable Enrichment of Bush Cronies and Bush Family War Profiteering). Proof that bush was a slime as well as a doofus.

Video: Former President George W. Bush invited a group of Africans to the White House's Rose Garden in 2007 to promote malaria awareness. There, he participated in an African tribal dance (text excerpted from 10/7/2010 Time article Top 10 Awkward Dances. entry for gwb is #8) (0:51).

Was bush thinking about how he fooled his evangelical base (as well as Democrats like Damon) when he danced his doofy dance? Maybe, maybe not, but getting to shovel even more taxpayer money to big business (as bush did re the Iraq war contractors) sounds like a reason for him to do a happy dance to me. Given the fact that Republican love transferring taxpayer money to the private sector (overpaying for things government employees could do for significantly less). Because they believe in socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Donald Trump Suggests Hillary Clinton Should Be Assassinated If Elected

"2nd amendment remedies" ala Sharron Angle?

Speaking to a crowd in Wilmington NC, Tuesday [8/9/2016], Trump expressed concern about Hillary Clinton possibly picking Supreme Court justices and other judges. He then said, "If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don't know". (Trump's Assassination Dog Whistle Was Even Scarier Than You Think by David S. Cohen. 8/9/2016 Rolling Stone).

What the hell is it with these 2nd amendment enthusiasts threatening those who disagree with them with DEATH? And, yeah, that IS what Trump was implying. Later Trump said he meant that he was suggesting that 2nd amendment people should vote for him. But he was talking about AFTER Hillary is elected, so that lame-o excuse is BS.

As for why "Trump's assassination dog whistle was even scarier than you think", it's because someone might take his call to do something about it (stop HRC from appointing SCOTUS judges) seriously and literally.

it's really irrelevant what Trump actually meant, because enough people will hear Trump's comments and think he's calling for people to take up arms against Clinton, her judges or both. Though most of the people hearing that call may claim he was joking, given what we know about people taking up arms in this country, there will undoubtedly be some people who think he was serious and consider the possibility.

In other words, what Trump just did is engage in so-called stochastic terrorism. This is an obscure and non-legal term that has been occasionally discussed in the academic world for the past decade and a half, and it applies with precision here. Stochastic terrorism, as described by a blogger who summarized the concept several years back, means using language and other forms of communication "to incite random actors to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable".

Trump's comments, BTW, made in the context of his fearmongering re "Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment". A claim that is utter bullpucky (PolitiFact rates it false).

Video: Remember when Trump said that Megyn Kelly "had blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever"? This is another example of Trump speaking without thinking. We knew then what he meant, even though he didn't spell it out. Just like we know now what he meant, even though he didn't spell it out. (Before: menstruation. Now: assassination)(0:43).

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PE: Donald Trump, the GOP Presidential Nominee, Went There Today (8/9/2016).

Disaffected: Trump calls for "Second Amendment People" to assassinate Hillary Clinton (8/9/2016).

RNUSA: GOP Presidential Canmdidate Goes Beyond Overboard (8/10/2016).

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Proof That Donald Trump Can Relate To The Common Man (Voter)

The following article excerpt via Wonkette. Although they're referencing a HuffPo story.

Melania Trump, model, businesswoman and wife of Donald Trump, doesn't cut corners when it comes to raising her son, Barron. When it comes to clothes, he dresses in suits like his dad. When it comes to skincare, he uses mom's caviar-enhanced skincare line.

You read that correctly. The 7-year-old Barron uses Melania's Caviar Complex C6 moisturizer every night after his bath.

"It smells very, very fresh", Melania, who launched the skincare line exclusively in Lord & Taylor this week, told ABC News. "I put it on him from head to toe. He likes it!".

On HuffPo the article is titled "Donald Trump's 7-Year-Old Son, Barron, Uses Caviar Moisturizer Every Night", while on Wonkette the title is "Donald Trump And His Wife Are Awful And Their Son Tastes Like Caviar". Wonkette adds commentary like "are you fucking kidding us?". And they poke fun at the name "Barron", saying it's a name that indicates he's the "spawn of rich assholes".

Hilarious, huh? Perhaps a little harsh, as this product is from Melania Trump's skin care line, so perhaps she gets it free. Or at a reduced cost. Still, the stuff costs $150 an ounce. A mom (writing for Daily News) says she tried it out... and that it cost 100 bucks to do her 18-month-old "head to toe". So that's probably at least $150 worth of the product that Melania uses on Barron... every day.

That's $54,750 a year to moisturize the skin of a child (she said she uses it EVERY night). Which means that the yearly cost of Barron's skincare regimine is roughly equal to the yearly household income of the typical American family, which is $53,657 (according to a 9/16/2015 CNN Money article).

Now, rich people, in general, likely spend more on everything than the average person. And many politicians are wealthy, so you'd probably be able to find examples of Democrats spending exorbitant amounts on their children. And you could say they also can't relate to the average voter. Yet, we're talking about 54k for skincare for a 10-year-old!

Image: Barron Trump (probable future "victim" of affluenza. If he isn't "sufering" from it already) with his parents.


DSB #51

Sunday, August 7, 2016

President Doofus #2

george W. bush, often referred to as "President Doofus" (by me) was a liar who started an illegal war that led directly to the formation of ISIS. Explaining why history will judge him to be a war criminal (I predict. Or it certainly should).

The image below captures just one of the MANY moments in which 43 revealed his inner doofus. Although this time we only saw the results of one of his doofy moments, which was an injury below his eye.

Image1: Choking on Pretzel, Bush Faints Briefly (excerpt from a 1/14/2002 article) President Bush briefly lost consciousness Sunday [1/13/2002] after he choked on a pretzel while watching a football game on TV in his living quarters... After fainting, the president tumbled to the floor from a couch, bruising his lower lip and suffering an abrasion the size of a half dollar on his left cheek, White House physician Dr. Richard Tubb said. ... "He fainted due to a temporary decrease in heart rate brought on by swallowing a pretzel".

Image2: This meme explains what might have really happened, which is that the dry drunk stumbled and tripped while inebriated. Or, he was eating pretzels while drunk and forgot to chew. Either way, many people are convinced that alcohol was involved.

Regarding Walker (not Herbert Walker) being a dry drunk, this "is a slang term used by [AA] members and supporters... to describe the recovering alcoholic who is no longer drinking, one who is dry, but whose thinking is clouded. Such an individual is said to be dry but not truly sober. Such an individual tends to go to extremes".

An extreme such as lying about WMDs when Iraq weapons inspectors specifically said they weren't finding any; even though IAEA chief Hans Blix said he was confident the matter would be resolved in "a matter of months"? I say yes (SWTD #312).

btw, in regards to the explanation given by bush's doc as to the reason for him fainting? Well, prepare to LOL for awhile (also make sure you aren't eating anything, as you might choke), but, according to Tubby, the superhuman preznit has "a resting pulse rate of 35 to 45 beats per minute, which medical personnel consider extremely low even for a well-trained athlete [and that] Bush's slower heart rate made him more prone to fainting when a nerve was stimulated by the pretzel caught in his throat".

Yes, we know that bushie rode his bike a lot and was generally quite fit, but was he a "well trained athlete"? Unless he was secretly training for the Tour de France, I say his doctor's claim sounds like BS. Similar to how Donald Trump's doctor declared that DJT will be healthiest individual ever elected president.

As for what Dr. Dick Tubb said, while it is more believable than the BS Dr. Harold Bornstein wrote, it could have been a fib to cover up for bush falling off the wagon. Either way, choking on a pretzel (then passing out and hitting your head) sounds like exactly the kind of thing a doofus like gwb would do (drunk or not).

Video: gwb explains how he choked on a pretzel (0:52).

DSB #50

Thursday, August 4, 2016

President Doofus #1

george W. bush (AKA "President Doofus") was surely one of our very worst presidents. Are we on the verge of electing someone with the potential of being even worse?

The image below, one you might be familiar with, captures just one of 43's MANY doofy moments. An incident that reminded me of a specific Far Side cartoon that concerned "gifted" people. Look at the expression on the former preznit's face in the picture below. Does he not look like he is "gifted" like the student in the Far Side cartoon?

Image1: gwb attempts to leave a 11/20/2005 news conference in Beijing via a locked door. Door thwarts quick exit for Bush (article excerpt) After answering just six questions from a group of US reporters, the president strode away heading toward the door. President Bush tugged at both handles on the double doors before admitting: "I was trying to escape. Obviously, it didn't work". [bush later blamed jet lag]. Mr Bush was in China in the latest stop of his East Asia tour.

Image2: Cartoon from The Far Side (1980-1995) by Gary Larson that reminds me of the gwb pic above.

Video: gwb attempts to leave a 11/20/2005 news conference in Beijing via a locked door (0:47).

See Also: Dervish Sanders' Image and Video Archive.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The "Secret" In The Secret Life Of Pets

Like my prior review of the rebooted Ghostbusters, this is another commentary in which I share my thoughts on a movie I have not seen. Again I must say that this film looks like it might not be good. I say this because the "secret" is obviously (easy to discern from the trailers) that the pets lives are anthropomorphized. Anthropomorphism being "the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-human entities".

That the pets are mini-humans with fur is SO predictable. In that it's been done many many times before. And, with a documentary-sounding title like The Secret Life of Pets, I was thinking that MAYBE the filmmakers were going to try something else.

Which isn't to say that that I'm writing this movie off already. I am willing to give it a chance, despite it following the same old formula of animals being anthropomorphized in cartoons. Or in live action movies where the main characters are animals (I'm thinking the Incredible Journey remake in which the animals were given voices, whereas in the original film they did not speak).

I definitely plan on picking up the film soundtrack CD, however, given that it is by one of my favorite composers, Alexandre Desplat.

I didn't mention the Theodore Shapiro score for Ghostbusters in my prior commentary because I'm not sure I'm going to buy it. I'll wait until I see the movie, and then I might pick it up used later. Also, I heard that Elmer Bernstein's Ghostbusters Theme is NOT featured.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

On The Ghostbusters All Female Cast Reboot

My issue with the movie is not that the cast is all female, it's that the movie is a reboot. Given the fact that a few of the original cast members have cameos - and they are playing different characters - says to me the filmmakers went out of their way to shit on fans of the original movie.

With original cast members playing different characters - the filmmakers are saying definitively that the original movies never happened. A better course of action, IMO, would have been to write a new story and somehow link it to the original movies. One of the new Ghostbusters could have been the daughter, niece, whatever of one of the original Ghostbusters.

I'm sure they could have found a way to do the new movie and not say the original ones never happened - if they had wanted to. On the other hand (I suspect) that this reboot steals a lot from the original movie. And, therefore, if the reboot had been linked to the original movies (this movie existed in the same universe)... well, that would have been a lot of "history repeating itself".

Guess the writers weren't smart enough to come up with a new story. I should note, however, that I haven't seen the movie... yet. I am willing to give it a chance. Which isn't to say that I'm going to PAY to see it. Hypothetically speaking, that is... I actually haven't been to a movie theater in quite a long time. I'm saying that IF I paid to see movies in the theater I'd wait for some reviews first.

I'm thinking that this movie could turn out to be a huge dud. I mean, if all this reboot has to offer is that it rewrites the original (and does a mediocre to bad job of it) then it might not do so well at the box office.


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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton On Budgetary & Defense Policy Has The Republican Position

"On budgetary policy and defense policy she actually has the Republican position" Larry Pressler said on msnbc live, 6/15/2016. The position that pushed Pressler to endorse Clinton is gun control. The slaughters convincing him that something has to be done.

So, that HRC is quite hawkish is well known (SWTD #323), but she has the Republican position on budgetary issues? Perhaps I just haven't been paying attention, but if you read the Conservative and Libertarian blogs (OST #110) the impression you get is that HRC was in a contest with Bernie Sanders to see who could offer the most "free stuff" (AKA investing in America and providing for the needs of its citizens).

I was going to say that this is yet another sign of how terrible Trump is, but it seems that Pressler endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008 and 2012. So, why is this guy being identified as a Republican, I wonder. On the other hand, I think what this means is that both BHO and HRC are centrist Democrats, and NOT Liberals or "Progressives who get things done".

"Does the Democratic Party want to be a party of getting things done that don't make a real crack in the 30-year explosion of income funneling to the wealthy or be the party that stops settling for compromises that continue the status quo?" Jordan Chariton writes in a 4/17/2016 Mediaite article titled Debunking the Progressive "Who Gets Things Done" Myth.

Given that HRC is the status quo candidate, this is my fear. That we're going to continue funneling the wealth of our nation upward, what with wealth inequality in the United States continuing to increase under Republicans and Democrats. Bernie Sanders had REAL proposals to deal with this problem AND a strong and consistent message and record that showed he is serious about wealth inequality and not a pandering flip-flopper or Republican-lite candidate with budgetary and defense policies that are actually the Republican positions.

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Thoughts On Trump For President Voters & Supporters

H/T to the Stephanie Miller Show listener who sent Stephanie this clip (see below), which she then played (6/9/2016).

I don't recall what episode of The Simpsons this clip is excerpted from, but surely this is an example of the writers speaking through Homer. Given the fact that Homer himself is an idiot and more likely to be a rube himself. As opposed to someone smarter than a rube. (Interestingly Homer's middle initial is "J", the same as Trump's. Although Trump's middle name is "John", while Homer's is "Jay").

In any case, this absolutely describes how I feel about MANY Trump supporters. Those who participate in Donald's call and response re his wall.

"We're going to build a wall. And who's going to pay for it?" And the crowd yelled, "Mexico!" and then they lost their minds. Now, we all know exactly why this is stupid. (Trump Rally No Joking Matter by keenekarl. Daily Kos 3/11/2016).

Donald Trump is clearly just telling the rubes what they want to hear (SWTD #330). That would be the ONE upside to seeing Trump in the White House. How would he excuse breaking all his promises? The ones that caused the rubes to vote for him? And how would they react? Would Trump be the most unpopular one term president ever? Would the disaster which would surely be a Trump presidency destroy the Republican Party (as Zachary Taylor's presidency destroyed the Whig Party)? Hopefully we will never know.

Video: Rubes So Many Rubes. Uploaded to YouTube 1/31/2016 (0:11).

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

What Rightwingers & Libertarians Mean When They Use The Words "Freedom" & "Liberty" (Thom Hartmann Rant #9)

The following is an excerpt from the 5/19/2016 airing of the Thom Hartmann Radio Program (edited for brevity and clarity by me). Thom briefly shares his thoughts on the abuse and misappropriation of words in the English language (prompted by a remark from a caller... which I have excised).

Thom: The words that I think are most abused are "freedom" and "liberty". These are words that have been appropriated by the Far Right to mean, basically, the freedom and liberty of the billionaire class... to do whatever they damn well please. [While] the rest of us are free to die like dogs in the gutter. If lose our jobs, if we lose our health insurance [there should be no social safety net programs there to help us]. I'm aghast at how these words have been appropriated by the [Right and by] Libertarians.

Taxing rich people to pay for government programs that benefit us all represents a "morally untenable position". Yes, people in the middle class (as well as those who qualify as the working poor) pay taxes, but much of the burden falls on the wealthy. Boo-hoo for them. That they make a majority of the money and therefore pay the majority of the taxes is so sad. They (rich folks) need the freedom to do with "their money" as they please.

Large corporations also need the freedom and liberty to pay low wages or export jobs to low wage countries (and import goods manufactured in these countries sans tariffs). Which is why the Koch brothers founded the Cato Institute (originally the Charles Koch Foundation) and consider themselves to be Libertarian (OST #61).

But the truth is that, if you "pull up libertarianism's floorboards, look beneath the surface... you'll start to get a sense of its purpose". Which is to serve the interests of the billionaire class. (The True History of Libertarianism in America: A Phony Ideology to Promote a Corporate Agenda).

This is something that Libertarianism and the modern Republican party have in common... freedom and liberty for the rich man... and serfdom for the poor man ("right to contract" in Conservative doublespeak).

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Not Able To Comment On The RNUSA Blog

This commentary concerns the blog Rational Nation USA. The screenshot (below) should given you an idea of a technical issue I'm encountering on this website that is preventing me from accessing the comment box. (Click image to enlarge).

As you can see from the image, the RNUSA website is appearing as a jumbled mess. Text that is supposed to be contained within the blog's lefthand sidebar is spilling over into the main panel. And (I'm guessing), that when I hover over the comment box, I'm actually hovering over the lefthand sidebar. Thus it is impossible for me to get into the comment box and type anything.

Meaning, that unless this problem resolves itself, I'm effectively banned from commenting. BTW, I did try 2 different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) with the same result. I also tried using my tablet, but the problem persists. It's possible the problem has something to do with the fact that my internet connection is currently being throttled because I've exceeded my monthly data cap (which I'll be able to determine when my monthly data allowance is refreshed Monday night), but I'm thinking this is a Blogger issue.

The sidebar on most blogs is on the right, whereas with RNUSA it is on the left. If the sidebar is on the right (where is should be) text cannot spill over onto the main panel. Because text, always being left-aligned, can't flow in that direction (can't flow over the main panel from the sidebar when the sidebar is located on the righthand of the screen).

I mention this in case the problem is not on my end, but some sort of Blogger technical issue. The blog host might want to move his sidebar from the left to the right of the screen. If this is a problem that other people are encountering and it isn't just me that can't comment on his blog (I'm saying).

On the other hand (if nobody else is encountering this problem), I guess I'll just have to wait and see if it resolves itself (after my allowance resets, or if the Blogger technical glitch is fixed). Whatever is causing the problem, for now I cannot comment.

For the record, I did notice this issue a couple of times in the past. However, after the page finished loading, everything that was supposed to be contained within the lefthand side bar was stuffed back into it. Currently that isn't the case... the page remains a jumbled mess even after it finishes loading.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

If gop Preznit Nominee Trump Promises To Appoint Ted Cruz To SCOTUS #NeverTrump Wingnut Author Tells Glenn Beck Then He'll Vote 4 Him

The following via the Cruz-supporting Glenn Beck website.

Ted Cruz's defeat on Tuesday may have pulled the plug for some in the #NeverTrump movement, but not for Brad Thor. The New York Times best-selling author joined The Glenn Beck Program on Wednesday [5/4/2016 to discuss the] "only one way that I will move out of the #NeverTrump camp... and that would be to put Ted Cruz into Scalia's seat at the Supreme Court". (This One Thing Could Convince Author Brad Thor to Abandon #NeverTrump by Jonathan. 5/4/2016).

"Glenn pointed out many people are arguing a vote against Trump is a vote for Hillary" and Brad Thor replied "Right — and no to Hitler was yes to Stalin"... so Trump is Hitler and Hillary is Stalin? And yet Thor would vote for Adolf Trump, if only Donald J. Hitler promises to appoint Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court?

Nevermind that this appointment is, constitutionally speaking, Obama's to make. Thor adds, "We've now seen who really stands with liberty, who is a constitutionalist and who is in this just for their own". Ha ha, he made a joke. But actually, no. That was no joke.

Anyway, who the heck is "Jonathan" (dude the article is credited to)? Damned if I know and damned if I care. Someone who works with Glenn, I'm guessing. Brad Thor (for the record) is "is an American thriller novelist [and] a member of The Heritage Foundation [who] has spoken at their national headquarters on the need for robust missile defense". Also, "Thor has said in interviews that he shadowed a Black ops team in Afghanistan in 2008 to conduct research for his thriller The Apostle [and, additionally] because of the content of Thor's thriller The Last Patriot, Glenn Beck predicted incorrectly that he might be assassinated by Muslim extremists".

Interesting, because (regarding assassinations) Thor said (during the Beck interview) "I think we will see unprecedented assassination attempts on Donald Trump"... which I doubt. Because (1st of all) he's very likely going to lose spectacularly to Hillary Clinton.

Secondly, the assassinating-types (extremist militia groups who want/wanted Obama dead) are Rightwing. I'm not saying that nobody will want Trump dead, but "unprecedented assassination attempts" against a White Conservative is stretching it bigley IMO. Keep in mind that under our first African American POTUS "the rate of threats against the president has increased 400% from the 3k a year or so under President gwb" (Source).

But back to Thor... he sez "far be it from me as an author to lay out the meaning of words, but perhaps the hashtag should be #NeverEverTrump... I mean, it can't be more clear than that. Never - you know, this is coming from the left. I thought no meant no to the left. Does never not mean never?".

Obviously (given the FACT that he laid out a scenario under which he WOULD vote for Trump) never must NOT mean never (to him). Hashtag should be #NeverTrumpUnlessCruzSCOTUS.

Audio: Snippet of Glenn Beck and #NeverTrump advocate Brad Thor conversation from 5/4/2016.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

President Obama Should Appoint A Supreme Court Justice If Congressional Republicans Refuse To Act

So, who is going to appoint the murdered Justice Scalia's replacement? Congressional Republicans have vowed that it will not be Obama. They say the American people should have a say. By that they mean our next president should do the appointing and they are praying that the next prez is a Republican (Paul Ryan via a brokered convention?).

But according to an article from the Washington Post (published in the opinion pages on 4/8/2016) the Senate Republicans are (by refusing to hold hearings) waving their right to provide advice and consent.

Gregory Diskanta: Obama can appoint Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court if the Senate does nothing (article excerpt) It is altogether proper to view a decision by the Senate not to act as a waiver of its right to provide advice and consent. A waiver is an intentional relinquishment or abandonment of a known right or privilege. As the Supreme Court has said, "No procedural principle is more familiar to this Court than that a constitutional right", or a right of any other sort, "may be forfeited in criminal as well as civil cases by the failure to make timely assertion of the right before a tribunal having jurisdiction to determine it".

It is in full accord with traditional notions of waiver to say that the Senate, having been given a reasonable opportunity to provide advice and consent to the president with respect to the nomination of Garland, and having failed to do so, can fairly be deemed to have waived its right.

Presumably the Senate would then bring suit challenging the appointment. This should not be viewed as a constitutional crisis but rather as a healthy dispute between the president and the Senate about the meaning of the Constitution. This kind of thing has happened before... (Gregory Diskanta is a law firm senior partner).

If the Republicans don't cave and hold hearings (during which they could reject Garland, if that is what they want to do), then Obama should definitely go this route. Not that I'm enthusiastic about Garland. From what I hear he's a "moderate". But it is Obama's prerogative to nominate a replacement justice, and if the Congressional Republicans refuse to even hold hearings, then hell yeah Obama should go around them if he can (as Diskanta says he can). Hopefully he doesn't wuss out.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Larry Flynt Offers A Team Of Doctors To Conduct An Examination Of Trump's Package To "Confirm His Boast"

"He referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there's no problem. I guarantee it" Trump said in response to a comment by Marco Rubio in which he implied that Trump's weiner was small (this statement by Trump from the 11th gop debate on 3/2016 in Detroit MI).

"Boasting" is how Larry Flynt perceived Trump's comments, and now he (as well as several other groups) want to "document" Donald's size.

Late last week, Hustler founder Larry Flynt was said to have issued an open letter to Trump offering "a team of doctors ready today to conduct the examination required to confirm your boast", according to the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas. toy and novelty maker Pipedream Products chimed in, inviting the Republican front-runner to have his member molded [and] the Erotic Heritage Museum, a five-minute walk from Trump International in Las Vegas, said it wants to display that cast. (Las Vegas sex museum seeks donation from Trump by Wesley Juh. Las Vegas Review Journal 3/7/2016).

OK, so there is probably a zero chance that Trump will acquiesce to any of these request, and those making them likely know it, but that they have is pretty funny.

This reminds me of when Flynt derailed the speakership of Republican Robert Livingston. When the gop controlled House threatened to impeach Bill Clinton for receiving a Lewinsky, Flynt offered a million dollar reward for proof that any Repub member of Congress cheated on their wife. Which resulted in Livingston admitting an affair and resigning.

But back to the funny - according to Stephen Colbert the situation with Trump is even worse than what happened during the Lincoln/Douglas debates, when Lincoln said the following.

Abraham Lincoln, 10/15/1858: No American, whether they be from North or South, free or slave, has ever complained about the size of my Lincoln log. And yes, the beard matches the drapes. (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 3/7/2016).

10/15/1858 was the date that the last (of 7) of the debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas took place (in Alton IL). Abe lost that election to the Illinois senate, btw. Here's hoping that the upcoming presidential election's results are similar. With Trump losing, that is. And/or with the Republican losing (if the nominee somehow isn't Trump).

Image: "He's always calling me Little Marco. And I'll admit he's taller than me. He's like 6'2, which is why I don't understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5'2", said the soon to drop out out Rubio.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Donald Trump Prenup With Wife Melanoma Says If She Poops Or Farts She Gets Nothing In Divorce

Actually Donald's prenup doesn't say this, that is a joke Carlos Alazraqui made on the 3/9/2016 airing of the Stephanie Miller Show in reaction to John Melendez bringing up a REAL story concerning Trump's claim that his wife Melania (not melanoma) does not poop or fart. Seriously.

The following from a 2003 Howard Stern interview (edited, see full interview video below).

Trump: Howard let me just ask you. You said something a while ago about Beth that amazed me because it applies to Melania. You said you've never seen her do anything, like, bad, in terms of her own personal. ... You said you've never heard her fart.

Stern: Not only is that true, she doesn't make doody. She hasn't made doody...

Trump: I can say the exact same thing about Melania. ... I've never seen any of that.

Stern: You're probably expecting a big one this year, though.

Trump: Maybe they save that for after marriage. Beth and Melania, maybe they save it for after marriage. (Donald Trump claims his wife doesn't poop or fart by Stefan Sirucek. 2/24/2016).

This explains Trump's comment about Hillary Clinton taking a bathroom break during the 3rd debate being "too disgusting" to talk about... he thinks women's bodies process waste differently than men's bodies do.

Even though, according to Oddee's Fart Facts "people pass gas about 14 times per day [with] the average person producing about half a liter of farts every single day... and even though many women won't admit it, women do fart just as often as men".

I guess you could say that Donald Trump is a dumbsh*t. In this case he's a dumbsh*t regarding women sh*tting... as well as tooting.

Video1: Donald Trump and Howard Stern discuss the "fact" that neither of their wives poop or fart... as far as they know (Trump sez "I've never seen any of that"). Fast forward to the 7 minute mark for the exchange (19:03). Update, 10/26/2016: Sirius whined to YouTube and had the video removed, although the relevant part can be viewed as attached to a 2/16/2016 BuzzFeed article, Trump Isn't Into Anal, Melania Never Poops, And Other Things He Told Howard Stern. (Note: the video, as presented on BuzzFeed has no embed option. I looked at the html in an attempt to find it, but no luck. So you'll have to follow the link to view it).

Video2: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump remarked on Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton's brief absence from the debate stage on Dec. 19 saying, "Where did she go? I thought she quit".

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kiss-up Kick-down Christy Trump Endorsement (Thom Hartmann Rant #8)

The following is an excerpt from the Thom Hartmann Radio Program, 3/2/2016, which I edited for brevity and clarity. Thom discusses the endorsement of Donald Trump by Chris Christie.

Thom: My take on Chris Christie? I have known, in business over the years, a number of people that I refer to "kiss-up kick-down people". They are people who, [in regards to] their bosses and their supervisors, they're unctuous. They kiss-up to them, they're "oh, you're so wonderful". The people below them they treat like absolute crap. They kiss-up, and they kick-down. I think Chris Christie is that kind of person. I think he created that culture in his gubernatorial administration and that's why the whole Bridgegate thing happened. I think now that Donald Trump is the big dog, so Chris Christie is kissing up. It's a terrible character flaw and it's disappointing.

Yeah, I think that sounds right. The bully Christie got whipped, so now he's eager to kiss-up to bully who beat him. Being a toady for, and getting to share the spotlight with Trump is better than nothing. And Christie doesn't appear that interested in governing NJ, what with his spending 55% of 2015 outside of the state (Travelin' guv: Christie's been out of NJ 5 out of every 9 days,

And there could be something in it for Christie, according to Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight blog.

Vice President Christie or Attorney General Christie ain't all that far-fetched. Christie also replicates many of Trump's weaknesses, however. Like Trump, Christie is very unpopular with general election voters. Like Trump, he has been accused of cronyism and corruption. Like Trump, he can come across as a bully. So Rubio and Ted Cruz won't have to change their messaging all that much. ...the Christie endorsement... once again proves how easily Trump can control the news cycle. Christie, long a favorite subject of political reporters, will also be an effective surrogate for Trump. (Christie's Endorsement Of Trump Totally Makes Sense).

Unfortunately for Christie, toadies get kicked down and treated like crap by their bully masters. After his endorsement, Christie was expecting to stick around. "I'm with the winner" was likely what he was thinking, and he was looking forward to receiving any congradulations that might be coming his way (for the "wisdom" of jumping on the Trump train).

But Trump, in typical bully fashion, put his toady in his place and told Christie to get lost (not wanting anyone to horn in on the adulation the crowd was showering him with). "Get on the plane and go home" Trump informed the surprised and dejected apple polisher. And so Christie slunk away, embarassed.

Or, that's the interpretation of some (including myself). RealClearPolitics says "it appeared that Trump was dismissing Christie [but he was actually] thanking him and giving him a free plane ride back to New Jersey".

Free plane ride, huh? Maybe. That isn't as funny as the first interpretation, though.

Video: The Young Turks discuss Trump's dismisal of his toady Christie (3:32).

See also: The real reason Christie endorsed Trump: NJ governor, 53, was infuriated by patronizing Rubio, 44, phone call telling him he had a "bright future in public service". The Daily Mail 2/28/2016.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Regarding The Donald Trump "Joke" Tweet Re Obama Being A Secret Muslim

Remember when one of John McCain's supporters gave him a chance to go the "Obama is a Arab" (AKA a secret Muslim terrorist Manchurian candidate) route and he declined? Sure, McCain would have made a horrible president, but at least he had SOME integrity, unlike the current 2016 Republican potus front runner (McCain: Obama not an Arab, crowd boos. Politico 10/10/2008).

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump: I wonder if President Obama would have attended the funeral of Justice Scalia if it were held in a Mosque? Very sad that he did not go! (Trump insists tweet that Obama would've attended Scalia's funeral "if it were held in a Mosque" was just a joke by Scott Eric Kaufman. Salon 2/22/2016).

How much you wanna bet that Trump's supporters (who likely believe that Obama is a Muslim) got the "joke"? By which I mean they viewed that tweet as Trump being with them (in their belief that Obama is a Muslim). And that he only said it was a "joke" to cover his ass. Due to the political correctness of the "lamestream media" he couldn't just come out and say (without it being a "joke") what many of his supporters know to be "true". Yeah, I'm sure Trump's supporters got the message.

In any case, regarding jokes... this one from a late night host (concerning the Trump tweet) is actually funny, IMO.

Seth Meyers: Of course he wouldn't have gone if it was held in a Mosque. He didn't survive as a secret Muslim president for this long by falling for an obvious trap like that. Come on! (source: Late Night with Seth Myers, 2/22/2016).

Very sad that a bigoted racist misogynist like Trump is poised to win the GOP presidential nomination!

Image: Photographic proof that Barack Hussein Obama is a secret Muslim! In this pic he conspires with Osama bin Laden to bring death to America.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Corporate Media Employee Rachel Maddow Sells False Narrative Re Bernie Sanders Revolution

Sad to see Rachel Maddow join in with the corporate establishment insider narrative concerning how Bernie Sanders can't possibly win. As Thom Hartmann points out in a recent article, Rachel sold this false narrative via a misrepresenting of the IA and NH voter turnout figures.

Tom Hartmann: Rachel Maddow rolled out the latest confused bit of reporting on [2/12/2016]. Rachel saying that the rationale for Bernie's becoming POTUS and actually getting something done (when Obama had such difficulty) is... Bernie's mobilizing huge numbers of new and energized voters. She showed a bunch of examples of his talking about his "political revolution" and how he's bringing new people into politics.

[However, Rachel says] It turns out that fewer people showed up to vote Democratic in NH and IA this year than they did in Obama's 2008! could Bernie possibly claim [there is a] revolution? Rachel points out, "40k fewer people voted in this year's NH Democratic primary than did in 2008". [Repeating] for emphasis... "40 thousand less!"

"And it was the same story in IA last week", Rachel continued. "Voter turnout was a record for Republicans in IA, but on the Democratic side... turnout... was DOWN from 2008!"

[Rachel is saying Bernie can't win. But she] missed a few facts ... [Most importantly re] the numbers [she presented] in an astonishingly confusing fashion... The 2016 turnout on the Repub side was bigger than in 2008 in both NH and IA – because, in large part, the Repubs were running more candidates this year than last cycle. Dems, on the other hand, are running fewer candidates.

In 2008, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, and Bill Richardson all had on-the-ground get-out-the-vote operations (GOTV) running in both NH and IA. This year, instead of 7 well-funded, well-staffed GOTV operations running in those states, there were only 2... And looking at votes by candidate (something Maddow... ignored), Bernie, with 151k votes in NH, shattered the prior record of 112k in 2008, a record set by... HRC. Bernie got more votes this year in NH than Al Gore and Bill Bradley got combined in the 2000 NH primary. In other words, Bernie is turning out voters, just as he said he could. (Bernie's Political Revolution Is Actually Happening, Although the Corporate Media Won't Tell You That by Thom Hartmann. AlterNet 2/14/2016).

So, was this slanted anti-Sanders reporting by Rachel Maddow wholly her idea, something suggested by the msnbc bigwigs, or something Rachel understands she needs to do to keep her job? Whatever the case, it is sad to see. However, with msnbc committing to going even more corporate, it's certainly possible that Rachel got the message - tow the corporate line or get fired like Ed Schultz (SWTD #305).

On the other hand, Rachel apparently said that she finds it "hard to imagine him [Sanders] still being there at the convention" (MSNBC's Rachel Maddow: "Hard to imagine" Bernie Sanders winning). So both Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews (who speculates that Bernie might be a Soviet-style socialist that wants government to own the means of production) are in the bag for HRC. And I've also heard that Chris Hayes is attacking Bernie as well (and no, I'm not only talking about Hayes calling the VT Senator "Bernie Sandwiches").

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