Friday, May 20, 2016

Not Able To Comment On The RNUSA Blog

This commentary concerns the blog Rational Nation USA. The screenshot (below) should given you an idea of a technical issue I'm encountering on this website that is preventing me from accessing the comment box. (Click image to enlarge).

As you can see from the image, the RNUSA website is appearing as a jumbled mess. Text that is supposed to be contained within the blog's lefthand sidebar is spilling over into the main panel. And (I'm guessing), that when I hover over the comment box, I'm actually hovering over the lefthand sidebar. Thus it is impossible for me to get into the comment box and type anything.

Meaning, that unless this problem resolves itself, I'm effectively banned from commenting. BTW, I did try 2 different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) with the same result. I also tried using my tablet, but the problem persists. It's possible the problem has something to do with the fact that my internet connection is currently being throttled because I've exceeded my monthly data cap (which I'll be able to determine when my monthly data allowance is refreshed Monday night), but I'm thinking this is a Blogger issue.

The sidebar on most blogs is on the right, whereas with RNUSA it is on the left. If the sidebar is on the right (where is should be) text cannot spill over onto the main panel. Because text, always being left-aligned, can't flow in that direction (can't flow over the main panel from the sidebar when the sidebar is located on the righthand of the screen).

I mention this in case the problem is not on my end, but some sort of Blogger technical issue. The blog host might want to move his sidebar from the left to the right of the screen. If this is a problem that other people are encountering and it isn't just me that can't comment on his blog (I'm saying).

On the other hand (if nobody else is encountering this problem), I guess I'll just have to wait and see if it resolves itself (after my allowance resets, or if the Blogger technical glitch is fixed). Whatever is causing the problem, for now I cannot comment.

For the record, I did notice this issue a couple of times in the past. However, after the page finished loading, everything that was supposed to be contained within the lefthand side bar was stuffed back into it. Currently that isn't the case... the page remains a jumbled mess even after it finishes loading.

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  1. Yup, and I have no idea whether it is blogger or Windows. The issue started occurring after I "upgraded" to Windows 10 late last year or earlier this year.

    As to the side bar. It was set up that way when I had the weblog redesigned several years ago by somebody that knew what they were doing. I went with the left sidebar simply to be different.

    When I was operating using Windows XP, followed by Windows 8 there were no issues. It has only been since going to Windows 10. Hopefully it will self correct. If not? It is what it is.

    BTW, a few comments have made it through. As I continue to scratch my head and say, Oh Well.

  2. FYI, the issue can't have anything to do with your operating system. Your operating system might influence how your blog looks on your computer, but it can NOT influence how your blog looks on other people's computers (as far as I know). Must be a blogger issue... which you could possibly solve by moving the sidebar to the right. Although there is one other blog I can think of where the sidebar is on the left... and I have not encountered a similar problem with that blog. Although that doesn't necessarily mean anything (because you're likely using a different template).

    Anyway, I just took another look and I was able to get into the comment blog and type something in... but then was not able to hit the publish button. There was some text running over it, and when I placed my finger on the publish button (I was using my tablet), the text running over the button was highlighted... and that's it.

    BTW, did you notice that you've been upgraded to a "hard-core Progressive" in a recent commentary ("RN" included in a list of "the dimmer ones").

  3. I did some checking. Cleared my cookies and cache as well as doing something on the whole compatibility thing. It cleared the problem up for me on my computer if I use IE. However, Edge, the Windows 10 version still displays all f'ed up. I'll keep working on it as time allows. I would not be at al surprised if it were a blogger issue. I've often thought about moving to WordPress. maybe someday I will.

    Nah, haven't seen that one yet. I'm now considered a "progressive": by the dimwitted ones on the right and yet I'm still considered a dumb ass uneducated conservative by many on the left. :-) :-) :-)

    Such is as it is. Go figure.

  4. I abandoned IE years ago. But, noticing that you said you use it, I tried it... and it works. The sidebar still bumps out a little farther than it should, but only a little. So... looks like if I use IE I can comment on your blog. Weird. I've been using Chrome almost exclusively for quite awhile. And Chrome is a Google product... and Google owns Blogger. So you'd think that Chrome would be the BEST browser on which to view a Blogger blog.

  5. So did I. But following some issues with Firefox (and Chrome) awhile back I returned to IE. Edge has been erratic. I'm considering Chrome again.

  6. Chrome made not a bit of difference.

  7. I'm encountering the same problem on RN's blog. I've tried IE and Chrome and it makes no difference on my end.
    Hope he can get it all fixed. These computer gremlins are a pain ;)

  8. I was able to comment yesterday using IE, but I just looked now and the huge overlap (left sidebar spilling over onto the main pane) is back. Clicking the compatibility view buttom helped (there is still overlap that makes some of the text difficult to read, but it's a lot less).

    But I must be using a different version of IE than the one on the linked-to page gives instructions for, because I didn't switch to compatibility view the way that page describes. I just noticed a button to the right of the address bar (and clicked it). But I see you can also click "tools" and "compatibility view" shows up there (drop-down list).

  9. yes, I had to use the compatibility option 9adding my weblog to the list) on IE to get it to display "reasonably" well. But it still isn't 100 percent better.

    I have complained to blogger and Google about this. But I doubt anything will happen as a result. WordPress is starting to look better all the time as a viable option.


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