Friday, June 10, 2016

Thoughts On Trump For President Voters & Supporters

H/T to the Stephanie Miller Show listener who sent Stephanie this clip (see below), which she then played (6/9/2016).

I don't recall what episode of The Simpsons this clip is excerpted from, but surely this is an example of the writers speaking through Homer. Given the fact that Homer himself is an idiot and more likely to be a rube himself. As opposed to someone smarter than a rube. (Interestingly Homer's middle initial is "J", the same as Trump's. Although Trump's middle name is "John", while Homer's is "Jay").

In any case, this absolutely describes how I feel about MANY Trump supporters. Those who participate in Donald's call and response re his wall.

"We're going to build a wall. And who's going to pay for it?" And the crowd yelled, "Mexico!" and then they lost their minds. Now, we all know exactly why this is stupid. (Trump Rally No Joking Matter by keenekarl. Daily Kos 3/11/2016).

Donald Trump is clearly just telling the rubes what they want to hear (SWTD #330). That would be the ONE upside to seeing Trump in the White House. How would he excuse breaking all his promises? The ones that caused the rubes to vote for him? And how would they react? Would Trump be the most unpopular one term president ever? Would the disaster which would surely be a Trump presidency destroy the Republican Party (as Zachary Taylor's presidency destroyed the Whig Party)? Hopefully we will never know.

Video: Rubes So Many Rubes. Uploaded to YouTube 1/31/2016 (0:11).

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