Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton On Budgetary & Defense Policy Has The Republican Position

"On budgetary policy and defense policy she actually has the Republican position" Larry Pressler said on msnbc live, 6/15/2016. The position that pushed Pressler to endorse Clinton is gun control. The slaughters convincing him that something has to be done.

So, that HRC is quite hawkish is well known (SWTD #323), but she has the Republican position on budgetary issues? Perhaps I just haven't been paying attention, but if you read the Conservative and Libertarian blogs (OST #110) the impression you get is that HRC was in a contest with Bernie Sanders to see who could offer the most "free stuff" (AKA investing in America and providing for the needs of its citizens).

I was going to say that this is yet another sign of how terrible Trump is, but it seems that Pressler endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008 and 2012. So, why is this guy being identified as a Republican, I wonder. On the other hand, I think what this means is that both BHO and HRC are centrist Democrats, and NOT Liberals or "Progressives who get things done".

"Does the Democratic Party want to be a party of getting things done that don't make a real crack in the 30-year explosion of income funneling to the wealthy or be the party that stops settling for compromises that continue the status quo?" Jordan Chariton writes in a 4/17/2016 Mediaite article titled Debunking the Progressive "Who Gets Things Done" Myth.

Given that HRC is the status quo candidate, this is my fear. That we're going to continue funneling the wealth of our nation upward, what with wealth inequality in the United States continuing to increase under Republicans and Democrats. Bernie Sanders had REAL proposals to deal with this problem AND a strong and consistent message and record that showed he is serious about wealth inequality and not a pandering flip-flopper or Republican-lite candidate with budgetary and defense policies that are actually the Republican positions.

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