Sunday, August 7, 2016

President Doofus #2

george W. bush, often referred to as "President Doofus" (by me) was a liar who started an illegal war that led directly to the formation of ISIS. Explaining why history will judge him to be a war criminal (I predict. Or it certainly should).

The image below captures just one of the MANY moments in which 43 revealed his inner doofus. Although this time we only saw the results of one of his doofy moments, which was an injury below his eye.

Image1: Choking on Pretzel, Bush Faints Briefly (excerpt from a 1/14/2002 article) President Bush briefly lost consciousness Sunday [1/13/2002] after he choked on a pretzel while watching a football game on TV in his living quarters... After fainting, the president tumbled to the floor from a couch, bruising his lower lip and suffering an abrasion the size of a half dollar on his left cheek, White House physician Dr. Richard Tubb said. ... "He fainted due to a temporary decrease in heart rate brought on by swallowing a pretzel".

Image2: This meme explains what might have really happened, which is that the dry drunk stumbled and tripped while inebriated. Or, he was eating pretzels while drunk and forgot to chew. Either way, many people are convinced that alcohol was involved.

Regarding Walker (not Herbert Walker) being a dry drunk, this "is a slang term used by [AA] members and supporters... to describe the recovering alcoholic who is no longer drinking, one who is dry, but whose thinking is clouded. Such an individual is said to be dry but not truly sober. Such an individual tends to go to extremes".

An extreme such as lying about WMDs when Iraq weapons inspectors specifically said they weren't finding any; even though IAEA chief Hans Blix said he was confident the matter would be resolved in "a matter of months"? I say yes (SWTD #312).

btw, in regards to the explanation given by bush's doc as to the reason for him fainting? Well, prepare to LOL for awhile (also make sure you aren't eating anything, as you might choke), but, according to Tubby, the superhuman preznit has "a resting pulse rate of 35 to 45 beats per minute, which medical personnel consider extremely low even for a well-trained athlete [and that] Bush's slower heart rate made him more prone to fainting when a nerve was stimulated by the pretzel caught in his throat".

Yes, we know that bushie rode his bike a lot and was generally quite fit, but was he a "well trained athlete"? Unless he was secretly training for the Tour de France, I say his doctor's claim sounds like BS. Similar to how Donald Trump's doctor declared that DJT will be healthiest individual ever elected president.

As for what Dr. Dick Tubb said, while it is more believable than the BS Dr. Harold Bornstein wrote, it could have been a fib to cover up for bush falling off the wagon. Either way, choking on a pretzel (then passing out and hitting your head) sounds like exactly the kind of thing a doofus like gwb would do (drunk or not).

Video: gwb explains how he choked on a pretzel (0:52).

DSB #50


  1. GWB is history. Your obsession with him is eerie indeed. Unless of course it is to now draw parallels between him and Trumplestiltskin ehich I think it is

  2. If it wasn't for W's disasterous presidency, we very well may have had JEB as the republican candidate.

  3. RN, if Trump is "elected" his actions as Commander in Chief might have even worse consequences than W's military decisions. In that, while gwb created ISIS by invading Iraq, DJT might bring about mutually assured destruction. (See: 9 Terrifying Things Donald Trump Has Publicly Said About Nuclear Weapons).

    One terrifying question (asked of his foreign policy expert) was "why can't we use nuclear weapons?". Also (speaking with Chris Matthews) he said "somebody hits us within ISIS - you wouldn't fight back with a nuke?".

    If not mutually assured destruction - because ISIS doesn't have nukes (although Trump has refused to rule out using nuclear weapons in Europe) there is still the fallout issue. Not to mention all the innocent people who would surely be killed. And I'm sure the rest of the world (every nation on earth) wouldn't be too happy if Trump used nukes.

    Jerry, W would still have crashed the economy. But even so, yeah, Jeb! might be the candidate. Given that what caused him to drop out was Trump saying bush lied about WMD. Something the deluded Willis Hart STILL praises him for, even though Trump retracted his "lie" accusation IMMEDIATELY after Jeb! dropped out (see SWTD #326).

    Willis Hart: [Trump] had the cajones to bitch-slap George W. Bush for his ham-handed and ultimately tragic Iraq war policy. (2/15/2016).

    Note that (in order for Willis to issue this praise) he has to IGNORE the fact that Trump said bush lied about WMD ( Yes, Trump Said Bush Lied). In the Willis Hart version, Trump didn't say bush lied. Trump only criticized bush for his "ham-handed and ultimately tragic Iraq war policy".

    I don't recall Trump saying diddly-squat about "ham-handedness".

  4. Dervish, my father has a resting pulse of 35. It's been like that since he was in the Army at 19. His doctors had him on a "stress test" for 2 hours and only got it up to 50.

    My resting pulse it about 60 and since I smoke, that's probably high since smoking raises blood pressure and pulse rate.

    So, it's quite possible GW's pulse is what the doctor said it is.

    And while my father is active, he's not an athlete. He's 74 now and still goes on 100 mile bike trips. He also walk 3 miles every night.

    1. Pamela: It's been like that since he was in the Army at 19.

      You may be right, Pamela. Although, in 2002 (when bush choked on a pretzel) he had a resting pulse rate of 35 to 45 beats per minute (according to his doctor). in 2004 his resting heart rate was 52 (this according to his medical examination. So, public knowledge, I'm guessing).

      As with any muscle, you lose it if you don't use it. Either bush's pulse rate was never that low, or he went from 35-45 to 52 in 2 years. Despite remaining physically fit. In any case... BS or not BS, I still say choking on a pretzel and passing out is doofy. I did say his heartrate being low was more believable than what Trump's doctor said about Trump being the "healthiest individual ever elected president". Surely we can agree that statement was utter bullplop.

    2. Perhaps we should be asking for Trump's medical records as well as him tax returns.


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