Friday, August 12, 2016

President Doofus #3

george w bush, the 43rd president of the United States (or "preznit", which is a term I use to indicate disrespect), was undeniably one of our MOST doofy executives. Even if he wasn't technically elected the 1st time, but rather appointed (Al Gore being the candidate who was actually selected by the people).

But, regardless of how he obtained the office (being appointed, cheating) he did serve 2 terms, during which (in addition to allowing terrorists to fly planes into the twin towers and ordering the illegal invasion of a sovereign nation based on lies) he also (quite frequently) did or said things that pointed to his being a total doofus.

Appearing silly is one thing (and all modern presidents appear on camera A LOT, so it's bound to happen), but take a gander at the expression on this doofus' face (see picture below). Can anyone deny that he looks like a total dumbass?

Image: Bush tackles challenge of malaria (article excerpt) The White House turned its attention Wednesday [4/25/2007] to preventing and eradicating malaria, a big killer of African children. But it wasn't all serious business: President Bush pounded on the drums for a West African dance troupe and had some fun [in] the Rose Garden event with... his wife, Laura [for the 1st time] marking Malaria Awareness Day alongside observances elsewhere in the world.


OK, so bush has SOME redeeming qualities, in that he did seem genuinely interested in comitting resources to saving lives in Africa. I could also commend him for his efforts to fight AIDS in that region of the world. Although, as CounterPunch points out, the "major contribution to fighting AIDS in Africa... an initiative begun in early 2003... just before the Bush Administration launched its war against Iraq [was likely done] to spit shine the image [by impressing] evangelical supporters – a key element to his constituency".

And then there's this.

When Bush was in office, PEPFAR [President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief] was little more than yet another boom for U.S. pharmaceuticals as the program required that the drugs be purchased from the pharmaceuticals holding patents, It was the shift to generics, encouraged according to some sources by Bill Clinton, has led to a significant extension of the program and $1 billion savings over a 5 year period. (The Real Story About Bush, HIV/AIDS and Africa by Rob Prince. CounterPunch 8/14/2013).

Regarding preznit 43's AIDS efforts, actor (and Democrat) Matt Damon said "I would kiss George W. Bush on the mouth". But bushie wasn't acting for purely altruistic reasons. It took a Democrat to reform the program (saving the taxpayer money in addition to expanding the program and saving more lives).

The main motivation was, as it was with bush's wars, enriching his cronies and well as himself. The bush family via the Carlyle Group and the Cheney family via KBR and Halliburton (The Inexplicable Enrichment of Bush Cronies and Bush Family War Profiteering). Proof that bush was a slime as well as a doofus.

Video: Former President George W. Bush invited a group of Africans to the White House's Rose Garden in 2007 to promote malaria awareness. There, he participated in an African tribal dance (text excerpted from 10/7/2010 Time article Top 10 Awkward Dances. entry for gwb is #8) (0:51).

Was bush thinking about how he fooled his evangelical base (as well as Democrats like Damon) when he danced his doofy dance? Maybe, maybe not, but getting to shovel even more taxpayer money to big business (as bush did re the Iraq war contractors) sounds like a reason for him to do a happy dance to me. Given the fact that Republican love transferring taxpayer money to the private sector (overpaying for things government employees could do for significantly less). Because they believe in socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor.

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