Monday, October 31, 2016

Glenn Beck (A Professional Moron) Says Only Way HRC Can Win Election Now Is Actual Magic

Because of FBI Director James Comey deciding to interfere in the election (SWTD #356).

[The video that was here has been removed because it is of the type that starts loading and then plays automatically, which I HATE. I mean, I don't want this stupid video to play every time I load this page. Because I have a data cap. Go here and then scroll down a bit to view it. Stupid Beck Blaze encoders].

And, if "magic" somehow does come into play (magic favoring HRC), what we will end up with is a president Tim Kaine. Because HRC will be sent to prison, impeached and removed from office (presumably).

And remember that Glenn was for the Canadian-born religious nutjob Ted Cruz (SWTD #332). And he's said he's not voting for Trump (or Hillary). But now he says Trump has it in the bag.

Me, I doubt it. Maybe Comey's meddling will make it a tad closer, but I'm still predicting an HRC win. Some dumb-dumbs might be fooled, but why the hell should an investigation into Anthony Weiner throw the election to Trump? (BTW, among the dumb-dumbs are people like Luke Spencer, who wrote on his blog that Weiner is HRC's "pervert buddy". Yes, he seriously is THAT stupid).

But I'd say Glenn Beck still has Luke Spencer beat. Or maybe it's a toss-up. Glenn Beck has the fact that he's very wealthy (100 million net worth) going for him. He is apparently smarter than the average dumb-dumb, in that he has been able to fool the dumb-dumbs into giving him lots of money.

A 2/3/2016 Daily Beast article says some people refer to him as a "mad genius". The article then goes on to note that Beck's "media empire" is currently crumbling.

But, even if it burns down, he'll likely come out the other side a wealthy man. It isn't as if he would have to pay the $10 million The Blaze owes out of his personal fortune. At worst he'll declare bankruptcy and sell off the Blaze's assets. Possibly to the coming Trump TV network (speculated).

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  1. Thanks for removing the auto-play Glenn Beck video. I promised Jesus at least eight years ago that I would never watch a Glenn Beck video.

    1. I ended up watching/listening to it about 5 times. Then, after checking my data allowance (and noting that it was lower than it should be), I removed the video. I looked for an alternate (one that didn't autoplay, but no luck).

      BTW, Beck says DJT is a lock for the presidency. Baring "magic" installing HRC. In which case Kaine will become prez. Because "it's just too much". Meaning the voters are too dumb to determine for themselves that this latest BS from Comey is BS. Which is tragically true for far too many of them.

  2. I guess Glenn really is out of a job. Now he is desperately clinging to relevance by saying that Michelle's speech in New Hampshire recently has transformed him into a loving person. And Barack Obama, "has taught me many things."

    Move over on the couch Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. Even his twitter traffic is dying.


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