Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kiss-up Kick-down Christy Trump Endorsement (Thom Hartmann Rant #8)

The following is an excerpt from the Thom Hartmann Radio Program, 3/2/2016, which I edited for brevity and clarity. Thom discusses the endorsement of Donald Trump by Chris Christie.

Thom: My take on Chris Christie? I have known, in business over the years, a number of people that I refer to "kiss-up kick-down people". They are people who, [in regards to] their bosses and their supervisors, they're unctuous. They kiss-up to them, they're "oh, you're so wonderful". The people below them they treat like absolute crap. They kiss-up, and they kick-down. I think Chris Christie is that kind of person. I think he created that culture in his gubernatorial administration and that's why the whole Bridgegate thing happened. I think now that Donald Trump is the big dog, so Chris Christie is kissing up. It's a terrible character flaw and it's disappointing.

Yeah, I think that sounds right. The bully Christie got whipped, so now he's eager to kiss-up to bully who beat him. Being a toady for, and getting to share the spotlight with Trump is better than nothing. And Christie doesn't appear that interested in governing NJ, what with his spending 55% of 2015 outside of the state (Travelin' guv: Christie's been out of NJ 5 out of every 9 days,

And there could be something in it for Christie, according to Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight blog.

Vice President Christie or Attorney General Christie ain't all that far-fetched. Christie also replicates many of Trump's weaknesses, however. Like Trump, Christie is very unpopular with general election voters. Like Trump, he has been accused of cronyism and corruption. Like Trump, he can come across as a bully. So Rubio and Ted Cruz won't have to change their messaging all that much. ...the Christie endorsement... once again proves how easily Trump can control the news cycle. Christie, long a favorite subject of political reporters, will also be an effective surrogate for Trump. (Christie's Endorsement Of Trump Totally Makes Sense).

Unfortunately for Christie, toadies get kicked down and treated like crap by their bully masters. After his endorsement, Christie was expecting to stick around. "I'm with the winner" was likely what he was thinking, and he was looking forward to receiving any congradulations that might be coming his way (for the "wisdom" of jumping on the Trump train).

But Trump, in typical bully fashion, put his toady in his place and told Christie to get lost (not wanting anyone to horn in on the adulation the crowd was showering him with). "Get on the plane and go home" Trump informed the surprised and dejected apple polisher. And so Christie slunk away, embarassed.

Or, that's the interpretation of some (including myself). RealClearPolitics says "it appeared that Trump was dismissing Christie [but he was actually] thanking him and giving him a free plane ride back to New Jersey".

Free plane ride, huh? Maybe. That isn't as funny as the first interpretation, though.

Video: The Young Turks discuss Trump's dismisal of his toady Christie (3:32).

See also: The real reason Christie endorsed Trump: NJ governor, 53, was infuriated by patronizing Rubio, 44, phone call telling him he had a "bright future in public service". The Daily Mail 2/28/2016.

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  1. I read you and I understand.

    Unfortunately, kick down has a slightly different etymology. To kick down originally referred to the action of someone who is holding the wealth, or the dope or some type of currency, to "kick down" a little bit of the good shit to those less fortunate. For instance, if I was sitting on one solid ounce of Columbian Red Sin Semilla, my friend, who was out of money, might have asked me to "kick down" a couple of joints and be a real friend. To which, I would have surely answered, "Yes," because that's what the shit is for.

    That's what kick down will always mean to me. I understand that words evolve over time. Thank you for kicking down with a couple of righteous blog posts.

  2. OK. My commentary (and title) comes from what Thom Hartmann calls "kiss-up kick-down people"... and my agreement with him that Christie is such a person.

    Found the following at, btw...

    Examples from the Web for kick down... Contemporary Examples: She is the "kiss up, kick down" kind of person and so is loved by all the higher-ups... and hated by all of us.

    Not that I'm saying your understanding of the term is incorrect. It isn't one that I've heard before, but it makes sense as you describe it.


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