Sunday, June 21, 2015

On Fox Nooz And MSNBC

I refer to what Fox does as "nooz" because they do opinion on the news while representing themselves as a news channel. It's right there in the name they gave themselves: Fox NEWS.

MSNBC, on the other hand, does not have the word "news" in the name of their channel. MSNBC "was derived from the most common abbreviations for Microsoft and the National Broadcasting Company" (source). None of the letters stand for news.

Also, if you Google "MSNBC" what you'll find is that (according to how they describe themselves) what they do is provide "news coverage and political opinion". So, "news" isn't in the name of the organization, and that they do opinion is clearly stated.

Whereas, if you Google "Fox" what comes up as the first result is "Fox News".

End of discussion. Case closed. It boggles the mind that there are some dumbasses who try to say they're the same. They both do slanted opinion (and sometimes outright lie) while representing themselves as news organizations (the dumbass will argue).

It's the strategy of making false equivalencies the Right specializes in. But there is a reason they have to say that both sides are equally bad. It is because they know that if they defended the Rightwing side people would know immediately they were spouting BS. So they default to an argument that sounds plausible to the cynic (which a LOT of people are when it comes to politics). And that is that both sides are equally bad.

But they aren't. Those who aren't shilling for Fox Nooz (or minimizing how bad they are with the false equivalency strategy) know that, when it comes to viewers of GOP TV (the original name Roger Ailes came up with), "the more they watch Fox News the less they know".

Fair and Balanced? Something else MSNBC does not have... an obviously bogus catchphrase (and one that is quite laughable at that).

Video Description: Bernie Sanders exposes Fox News as a Rightwing propaganda machine. Excerpted from Robert Greenwald's 2004 documentary Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism by Brave New Films. Published on Youtube 5/27/2015 (1:59). See here for the full documentary (77:08).

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  1. As displayed on Google front page top listing; msnbc: news, video and progressive community. Lean ....

    So who's the dumbass? Google it dude and then be truthful.

    1. I DID Google it, and I AM being truthful. This I noted in my commentary! I wrote "if you Google MSNBC what you'll find is that (according to how they describe themselves) what they do is provide "news coverage and political opinion".

      I said SPECIFICALLY in my post that I did a Google search and Les suggests I should do a Google search?

      So who's the dumbass? Perhaps Les should READ what someone has written before criticizing it. More carefully, at least... he did catch my use of the word "dumbass". A truthful use I stand by.

    2. I did. I then Googled. What I stated is true. I stand by what is the observable facts.

      Have a nice evening.

    3. Of course it's true. Both organizations present news and give their opinion on it. MSNBC says "news and opinion". Fox has the word "news" right in the title of their organization, while MSNBC does not. I stand by the observable facts.

  2. Splitting hairs, your favorite pursuit in looking for entertainment methinks. And now, you may have the last word, I'm done.

    1. I'm doing the opposite of "splitting hairs"... I'm looking at the big picture... Only one of these organizations has the word "news" in their name.


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