Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The "Invited Only" Blog Is Kaput

The "Invited Only" blog, failing to attract or confirm any invited readers is now kaput. For the record I never had any intention of inviting or confirming any readers, as the whole thing was a joke, although likely one that was a complete waste of time.

Nobody viewed it as far as I know, with the exception of one person. One person who then went back and reported to his buddies on the Contra O'Reilly Libertarian race-baiting blog.

dmarks: Will, have you seen the latest blog, members only, that WD has wanked out? You can't make this stuff up. As Bania would say, "It's gold, Jerry. Gold!". (6/1/2014 AT 1:23pm).

The "joke" btw, was that, while I SAID the blog was open to "invited readers only", I did not enforce that with comment moderation (as one might expect). But nobody ever tested that by posting a comment, of which this blog got zero. Nobody ever called me on the joke by posting a comment. So the joke failed.

As far as the future of this blog goes, while the "invited only" failed joke is over, I have decided not to shut down, leave the blog abandoned, or to delete it. Although it has been abandoned since 9/4/2014, which is the last time I posted to "invited only".

Instead I have renamed it "The Dervish Sanders Blog" and will continue using it in another capacity (which I will reveal in the very next post).

Please stay tuned for my next commentary, as well as a changing of the header image and favicon. Don't be confused by the old ones in the meantime.

DSB #0

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