Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kentucky Election On 11/3/2015 In Which Matt Bevin "Won" The Governorship Was Likely Stolen

On the 11/10/2015 airing of The Thom Hartmann Program Thom said "I don't believe that Matt Bevin was actually elected governor of Kentucky. I don't believe that it's possible to defy the polls so largely". This statement in regards to the 11/3/2015 election in which Tea Party nut job Matt Bevin supposedly defeated his Democratic opponent Jack Conway.

[Regarding the KY "election" of Matt Bevin] We see, again... [an] election where all of the pre-election polls suggest Candidate X is set to win, but Candidate Y ends up winning by a huge margin... and nobody even bothers to verify that the computer tabulated results accurately reflect the intent of the voters. ... That's exactly what happened in KY... where Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway was leading by a fair margin (3-5 points) in almost every pre-election poll... but then ended up being announced as the loser to Tea Party Republican candidate Matt Bevin by a landslide (almost 9 points) - According to the state's 100% unverified computer tabulation systems.

...there are a number of reasons to question the reported results. ...the Democrats running in the down ballot races - for Secretary of State, Attorney General (Conway's current job) and even state Auditor - each reportedly received tens of thousands more votes than Conway did at the top of the ticket! Bev Harris of described the higher vote totals in the down ballot races as a "significant anomaly". ... "More votes in those races and not at the top - that just doesn't happen". (Questioning the Unverified Computer Results of Kentucky's Governor's Race by Brad Friedman. BradCast 11/4/2015).

Yeah, I don't buy this result either. Given the polls, and also given the popularity of Kentucky's state run ObamaCare exchange, Kynect, which Bevin ran on dismantling. He also says he wants to reverse the Medicaid expansion under the ACA, kicking thousands of Kentuckians off Medicaid. Me, I think that would motivate poor and lower middle class people to get out and vote for Conway.

I mean, it's one thing to vote against healthcare when you don't have it, but it's another matter to take it away after they already have it... and LIKE it.

More than 500k people have gotten health insurance in Kentucky through the state's health care exchange, Kynect, and through expanded Medicaid. Kentucky has seen the second-steepest drop in uninsured of any state. ... Kynect... has been held up as one of the best-functioning state exchanges in the country. (Popular Health Exchange In Jeopardy After Surprise Republican Win by Domenico Montanaro. NPR).

Also (according to the article quoted above) "in Kentucky, the governor has the power to unilaterally create or disband programs like Kynect".

So... the polls (just prior to the election) showed that the Kynect supporting candidate was ahead, but the Kynect dismantling candidate wins? This result doesn't pass the smell test, IMO. I'm with Thom Hartmann in thinking this is another election that was likely stolen by cheating Republicans.

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