Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hell Yes A Time Traveling Jeb! Would Kill Baby Hitler

If given access to a time machine would potus hopeful John Ellis Bush go back in time and kill Adolph Hitler as a baby? Obviously this is an example of the kind of important questions the voters are demanding answers to.

The question initially arose when The New York Times Magazine polled its readers last month and found that a plurality of respondents said they would, in fact, kill Hitler as a baby. Bush was then asked the question directly via the email address that he distributes widely to public audiences: But he did not answer the inquiry until asked on camera by HuffPost, while riding on his campaign bus in New Hampshire. (Jeb Bush On Whether He'd Kill Baby Hitler: "Hell Yeah, I Would!" by Scott Conroy. The Huffington Post 11/9/2015).

BTW, does the fact that Hitler wasn't a "born American" with Constitutional rights, but a German, explain why Jeb says "hell yes" to killing Baby Hitler sans due process? Although, if his answer were no, surely we could send Russ Feingold in his place (to do the butchering/aborting)?

Audio: "Baby Hitler" parody tune from Stephanie Miller Show contributor Rocky Mountain Mike.

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  1. I think this entire journalistic exercise is frivolous.

    I wonder what anyone aware of the Holocaust and WW II, given Hitler's barbaric and murderous part in orchestrating both would do if they could go back in time and prevent it by removing Hitler from the equation before any of it happened.

    The stuff sci-fi is made of.

  2. You think that if Ben Carson were able to time travel back to Nazi Germany that he'd stuff his time machine full of gun to arm the Jews with?

  3. In my humble opinionNovember 16, 2015 at 9:31 AM

    What an asinine thing to say. You are truly a 1st class ass hole

  4. I agree, what Carson said was asinine. I fail to see how that maks me an a-hole however, let alone a 1st class one.

  5. Maybe jeb should go back in time and kill his grandfatherPrescott,who helped to bankroll Hitler


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