Monday, March 20, 2017

Donald Trump Absolutely Is Hitler Reincarnated (154 Percent Certain)

You may be inclined to not believe me, but I think it's possible that Donald J. Trump might be Adolf Hitler reincarnated. Fact is, I Googled "Donald Trump Hitler Reincarnated" and RESULTS WERE RETURNED!! 70,900 results in 0.64 seconds, to be precise. And most of them said YES, Donald Trump IS Hitler reincarnated. The "evidence is damning" the very first result says. So there you go, proof positive that people are saying Trump is Hitler reincarnated. And based on "evidence" (as per the first Google result).

"No one wants to admit it but facts are facts" the opening sentence of the article says. Let that sink in for a minute. Facts Are Facts. Donald Trump IS Hitler reincarnated.

[A story in] the Philly Daily News... draws comparisons between... Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. Trump was asked on CNN's "New Day" whether or not this comparison bothered him at all. Trump's response was a simple and emphatic, "No".

...digging just a bit deeper, what Trump was really trying to communicate with his "no" becomes shockingly clear: Trump was not bothered by this comparison to Hitler because he is Hitler reincarnated into a new, and even more terrifying, form. Why else would such a normally outspoken man, a man running for president of The United States no less, have absolutely no comment when compared to the most vilified figure in human history? (Is Donald Trump Hitler Reincarnated? The Evidence Is Damning by Joe Durbin. Carbonated TV).

Carbonated TV says "from the serious to the hilarious, we bring you stories that matter". So, would the "Trump is Hitler Reincarnated" story be an example of "the hilarious"? Clearly, NO. I mean, just look at the evidence the remainder of the story lays out and you, like me, will surely be convinced that Trump is Hitler back from the grave for another go-round at world domination.

For the record, I paged down to the bottom of the article and noticed that the article is tagged as "satire". Other tags include "humor" and "insane". However, as everyone knows, if satire is your goal, the writer needs to be crystal clear about it. A LARGE disclaimer before the "satire" beings that says "this is satire" (for example). And tags or lables at the end of a commentary do not count.

That is what a dumbass named Luke Spencer told me, in any case. And he was quite insistent about it. To claim "satire" by way of Labels or Tags is what Big Liars do. In order to walk back shit they don't want to stand by. Shit they absolutely meant seriously.

So Carbonated TV was being completely serious, as am I. In fact I take their assertion that Hitler has returned as Donald Trump 154 percent seriously. Your "serious percentage" might be higher or it might be lower, but it should NOT be below 100 unless you are a #trumpdupe. You're not a #trumpdupe, are you?

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  1. Wow, Luke (the Puke) inspired an entire post. He's certainly moving up in the world of blogistan insanity.

    Hey, maybe Luke is really Will. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

  2. It's possible that Luke is Willis, I guess. But I think the possibility is low. Given that Luke is almost surely TOM. And TOM's blog "Stay A While" was created (and he went insane and started accusing his loyal and friendly blog commenters of "attacking" Stay A While) BEFORE my falling out with Willis. And (maybe it's just part of the "character" he's pretending to be) but Luke strikes me as a lot dumber than Willis.


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