Monday, April 24, 2017

Fake News Is Conditioning Minds For The Emergence Of The Antichrist, Donald Trump

This is according to Christian Conservative Daily. Although Evangelist Anita Fuentes doesn't say who the Man of sin (the Antichrist) is.

When Barack Obama was president, some Conservatives were convinced he was the AntiChrist. Charisma News reported on 8/7/2015 that "1 in 5 Republicans think Obama is the Antichrist [because] he is an pro-abortion activist and a pro-gay president who ushered same-sex marriage into the mainstream in his term". This is the "antichrist agenda". Even though the Bible does not say abortion is murder or that homosexuality is a sin.

But because it was fake news that helped Trump "win" the election, and because anything negative about Trump is labeled by followers as fake news, I say the Antichrist is Donald Trump. Or, if the Antichrist is on verge of appearing and fake news is paving the way for him, I think he could be Donald Trump. It is probably more likely that he isn't. But that so many people voted for a racist, anti-semitic reality show buffoon and sexual assaulter as president does give me pause. It's utterly ridiculous that this idiot is the leader of the free world.

Amyway, remember when Trump claimed that only he could fix it?

But Trump is uniquely unqualified, as President Obama noted. That he could fix "it" (whatever "it" may be - Washington, our Country, the world) is patently absurd. And, who the hell does Christian Conservative Daily (the evangelist in the video, people behind Christian Conservative Daily, readers of CCD) think "will appear to deceive humanity before the second coming of Jesus"?

It is Donald Trump who is in a position to deceive humanity (and has already deceived millions into voting for him)? So, could Donald Trump be the Antichrist? I am NOT saying I know for certain he is. In fact, he most likely is not. But I seriously think he could be. And that he COULD be is all I am saying (despite the title of my post).


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  1. I think there are things in the bible that we don't really have to take literally. Have you ever noticed that churches that follow a lectionary somehow conveniently avoid preaching on Revelation? I don't think I ever heard about it in my Baptist Church either, even in my favorite old-people Sunday School class. I have never taken one of those classes where you read the entire bible in one year. I can imagine the dodging and literary allusions that go on when a neophyte asks a teacher if we really are to believe this stuff?

    The Whore of Babylon? The antichrist?

    This is unmitigated bullshit. It never should have been included in the Bible. What was in the Bible and what was left out has been the province of man. We can never be sure that every single word is the living word of God. We do the best we can with the understanding and innate reason that God gave to each one of us.

    I grant that the notion of an antichrist holds some sway in our popular, collective consciousness. The notion of a particular politician embodying the antichrist is specious. Ronald Wilson Reagan: Six-Six-Six. Laughable on the surface.

    So earlier this week, I had a very bright idea. If JFK was the most Christ-like president that we have ever had, follow me on this. Was he not crucified in a modern sense by the same type of narrow-minded, conservative and dogmatic defenders of their own political, social and economic positions? Those who did not wish to include or invite the dispossessed, the lepers, the prostitutes to the feast table of God?

    Then if Kennedy was the president who resembled Christ, I posit today the Donald Jay Trump is, without any question or possible argument, get this:


  2. I don't believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, so you may be right. I'm not convinced there will even be an antichrist, let alone that it will be Donald Trump (this is NOT one of my truths).

    As for Kennedy, he cheated on his wife, just as Donald Trump has. Although he only had one wife.

    BTW, have you seen this blog? I don't know if it's intended to be funny, but it does make me laugh. I'm not sure who authors it, but apparently whoever it is, they are a great writer!

  3. I agree. No Anti Christ. But then again my view is the bible is the word of man and not a magical extraterrestrial or supreme being.

  4. Extraterrestrials? You're thinking of another "religion" - Science-fiction-tology. That's the "religion" I'd say is unmitigated bullshit.


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