Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sean Spicer Says Jews Are #4 On List Of History's "Bad Guys"

Apparently he really doesn't like Jewish people.

So, according to Spicer "as far as bad guys go, the ranking is - boom, right up at the top, Hitler. Then Syria's Babar Al-Asshad. Three, I'm going to go pharaohs. And then I guess, chronologically, Jews take number 4".

The Pharaohs were bad guys because they enslaved the Jewish people, so why is it that Jewish people are #4 on the bad guy list, Sean? Proof, I think, that this administration is anti-semitic. I mean, firstly we have a White Nationalist in the position of Chief Advisor (Breitbart's Steve Bannon), now White House Press Secretary "apologizes" by naming Jews #4 of the all time Bad Guys? And he isn't immediately fired?

As far as Babar ruling Syria goes, I'm positive Sean is mistaken. Babar, being an elephant, was the ruler of the Elephant Land. A kingdom located in Southern Africa, not the Middle East! The ruler of Syria is named Bashar al-Assad (also, he is a human man not an elephant).

Image: Artist's rendering of King Babar (benevolent dictator of Elephant Land) and photograph of Bashar al-Assad (ruler of Syria and a bad guy).

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  1. Yes, this post is pretty stupid. Interested to see if it ends up on the list of my "truths".

  2. Everything you write is stupid.

    1. Luke will deny it, but the TRUTH is he wishes he was a great writer like me. Although I wouldn't claim my writing is "great". But it is surely better than the garbage Luke writes.


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