Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Antichrist Donald Trump Demands All People Accept The Mark Of The Beast

Soon Donald John Trump, the 3rd Antichrist as predicted by Nostradamus (after Napoleon and Hitler), will demand that citizens accept the Mark of the Beast. Not yet, but it is only a matter of time. First the False Prophet will appear.

Verse 12 [of Revelation] gives us the false prophet's mission on earth, which is to force humanity to worship the Antichrist [Donald Trump]. He has all the authority of the Antichrist because, like him, the false prophet is empowered by Satan. ...people will fall before them in adoration of their power and message. Verse 14 goes on to say the deception will be so great that the people will set up an idol to the Antichrist, "the image of the beast", and worship it. (Who is the false prophet of the end times?).

Obviously the PEOPLE who "fall before them in adoration" (the Antichrist DJT and the false prophet) are Trump followers. People who believe that anything negative about Trump in the media is fake news.

But things do not end well for the loyal and deluded trumpanzees. According to Revelation 14:9-10, "if anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand, they, too, will drink the wine of God's fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath".

BTW, when I say that it a matter of time before DJT demands that people accept the Mark of the Beast, I mean IF DJT is the Antichrist. He might be. He might not be. I seriously don't know. And, how could I? Despite lies from another blogger regarding how I write about how Trump IS the Antichrist. I have never done so, and will never do so (the title of this post is troll bait).

Video: Breakthrough prophecy about Donald Trump from Mark of the Beast News! (12:37).

DSB #71


  1. Less than 3 hours for Luke to add this post to his list. BTW, I don't know when he did it (possibly as long ago as 2/20/2017) but Luke deleted (or returned to Draft) EVERY one of his posts except "Dervish's Truths". That's 107 other posts. Although all of them (including posts written and removed a short time later) are still present at jermac1954.

    NOTE: I believe that DJT might be the Antichrist, but is MOST likely not. This post is TROLLBAIT, which Luke (the troll) added to his "Dervish's Truths" post within 3 hours (proof the virtual stalker closely monitors my blog).

    Anyway, his reasoning for adding my post titles to his list - it's because they show "the sick, delusional workings of [my] mind".

  2. I just saw an article recently that more folks view the bible a a book of fabled. On the scale of Aesops Fables.

  3. All of this legitimization of ridiculous fables is misguided. But here is my favorite. If only Rod Serling had filmed enough seasons of The Twilight Zone to cover this popular superstition. I have heard it said that at any given time in history, the devil can be seen in the human countenance of one person and one person alone. Perhaps during the Russian revolution he appeared as Lenin. In the 1930s he re-appeared as Hitler or maybe he was Stalin for a time. After that, his identity was not known on a world-wide stage. Then suddenly in the early twenty-first century he again appeared as Dick Cheney.

    For just a short season, he might have been Robert Mugabe or the leader of Boko Haram, or even Osama Bin Laden. You can see where I am going with this.

    Who do you suppose wears the face of the Devil himself today?

  4. As I do not believe in either a supreme being (God) or a singular mythical entity being responsible for evil (the Devil) I cannot answer that question Flying Junoir. Other than to say there are millions of bad folks that do evil deeds. They are the collective face of what is considered the Devil by millions upon millions of other folks.

    The struggle between good and evil is immortal. When we are gone and replaced by another civilization the concept of good and evil will survive.

    Humans are both good and evil, both god and devil. For me it's as simple as straight forward as that.

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