Monday, January 16, 2017

Presidency Stolen From Rightful Winner HRC (Alex Mohajer Writing For HuffPo)

Alex Mohajer, writing for the Huffington Post, says "the evidence is clear. Hillary Clinton is the rightful president-elect". His reasoning? He agrees with Rep John Lewis (SWTD #369) that, if not for Putin's "influence campaign", HRC would have won. In addition Mohajer points to FBI director Comey's meddling; a violation of the Hatch Act (SWTD #356).

Another factor Mohajer and Lewis (apparently) overlook would be Kris Kobach's Interstate Crosscheck. A voter disenfranchisement election fraud scheme (DSD #54). I think it was all three (Putin, Comey and Kasich) that contributed to HRC's "loss", and that if any of the three had not occurred HRC would be president.

Although, IMO it was Kobach that had the greatest impact. I might be wrong, but I do think that in ANY discussion of how the 2016 POTUS election was stolen, Kobach should definitely be included. Along with Putin and Comey. They were all BIG factors that point to the election being stolen.

Regarding Mohajer writing that "courts must use the broad discretionary powers with which they are vested to enjoin an illegitimate president from taking office"... I wish. But that's not going to happen, unfortunately.

I mean, gwb took office after the scotus appointed him over the rightful winner, Al Gore. Gore being another Democrat who was elected but did not serve. Election results are never reversed. Republicans know this, which is why any cheating they can pull off is "fair" as far as they are concerned.

DSB #64


  1. All the more reason to elect our president by popular vote.

  2. Electoral college protects all states and gives them a voice. I don't want New York and Los Angeles deciding our elections. Their illegal voters are why Hillary won the popular vote in the first place.

  3. According to the Founders the Electoral College was needed because "a charismatic tyrant could manipulate the will of the people". But it clearly FAILED in that regard. The electors voted FOR the charismatic tyrant who manipulated the rubes.

    GET RID OF IT, I say. Why should the votes of people living in CA and NY count for less than the votes of people living elsewhere? One person one vote is NOT what we have. And if there are more smart people living in CA and NY? Let them decide our elections!

    There were not millions of illegal voters, despite what the idiots Trump and Brandon believe. Illegal votes are statistically insignificant. Even if 52% of Trump voters think he won the popular vote. What that shows is that there are a lot of stupid people. Sad.

  4. The president of all of us should be elected by all of us with an equally weighted vote from all of us. The states should not even be involved. One person, one vote. That's it.

  5. If Clinton had won the election but lost the popular vote you would be defending the Electoral College, because that's the kind of hypocrite lying coward you are.

  6. Sorry, Luke, but I don't entertain hypotheticals that have/had zero chance of occurring. As I mentioned on my blog previously (here) "A popular-vote-winner not winning the White House has happened 4 times in total. And they were ALL Democrats".

    There is no "if Clinton had won the election but lost the popular vote"... the chances that could have happened are nil. You can take your "hypocrite" BS and shove it.

    Also, (as everyone knows) you rooted for Trump, so OF COURSE you are FOR a system that caused Trump to "win".

    As for being a coward, YOU are the one who won't publish comments from me on your blog. No matter what I write. With the exception of comments that give you an opening to lie about what I meant. Such as the comment where I "admit" to sending you death threats. When the truth is that it is YOU who wishes me death.

  7. Luke is a Puke. His modus operandi is to try and "get your goat" by constantly baiting you.

    He fits well with WYD crowd of malcontents. A real piece of work. He and his TOM persona aren't worth the time it takes to take a good shit.

  8. What we know NOW about this corrupt woman, thank GOD she isn't President!

    1. What we know NOW about the corrupt man who is predisent, I question why God would allow such an evil asshole to steal the election.


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