Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rep Alan Grayson On The Republican Charge That Hillary Clinton Did Something Illegal Or Dishonest Re Benghazi

The following is an excerpt from comments made by Rep. Alan Grayson on the Thom Hartmann Radio Program, 1/15/2016, in regards to the Republican's fake Benghazi investigation. (Note that I edited these comments for brevity and clarity).

Caller: I want to commend you on your Benghazi committee ethics complaint and I'd like to know what the status of it is.

Alan Grayson: It's under consideration. We will not hear back until they've reached a conclusion. For those who are not familiar with this - Kevin McCarthy, when he was planning on running for Speaker, admitted on national TV that the purpose of the Benghazi Committee was to make Hillary's numbers drop. That isn't an appropriate purpose for a taxpayer funded investigation - to hurt an opposing political candidate (SWTD #314).

Recognizing the ethical implications, I submitted a complaint against McCarthy and the head of the committee [Trey Gowdy] and the following day McCarthy dropped out of the Speaker's race. He clearly recognized that this was a problem. When he dropped out and held a news conference to explain his decision a reporter asked him whether the Benghazi Committee controversy had been the basis for his decision, and his surprisingly honest answer was that "it sure didn't help".

But the fact is that the problem is still there because the committee is still there. It's gone on longer on the 9/11 Commission and there is still the possibility that it will be used to try and alter the outcome of the the 2016 presidental election in an unfair way - using taxpayer dollars to tip the scales against the Democratic candidate [should that candidate be Hillary Clinton].

I have read every single classified document regarding Benghazi. I'm on the Foreign Affairs Committee. I have free access to that information. It took me a long time, but I went into the bowels of the Capital where we keep the secure information, and I read every single cable and email and so on. It's pretty clear to me that Hillary did nothing wrong.

Wherever you stand regarding the presidential nomination, it's improper for the Republicans to use their control of the House of Representatives - which they obtained through gerrymandering and dirty money - to attempt to harm the potential Democratic presidential nominee.

[End Alan Grayson Comments]

Alan Grayson also mentioned the fact that he is the only member of the House of Representatives who raised most of his campaign funds in 2014 from small contributors and that he hopes to do the same this year in his Senatorial bid (for Marco Rubio's seat). Grayson added that the only Senator who the same applies to is Bernie Sanders. (Politifact article: Alan Grayson says he is No. 1 in the House for small donations. Politifact says: TRUE).

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OST #100: Concerning The Willis Hart Obsession With Rightwing Spun Fiction Re Hillary Clinton "Lying To Benghazi Families" (1/28/2016).

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