Monday, September 7, 2015

How Much Money Will Kim Davis' Bigotry Net Her?

Kim Davis, the bigoted Rowan County KY clerk who defied a US Federal Court order requiring that she issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples following the Obergefell v. Hodges U.S. Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage in the United States, will get a lot of money from other bigots as a form of support, apparently.

This I learned while reading a recent World Net Daily story concerning supporters trying to get money to her via the GoFundMe website.

WND: [Davis] has become the symbol of religious opposition to the heavy-handed tactics of the "gaystapo" who are ramming same-sex marriage through at the federal level across the nation in opposition of religious conservatives. Supporters attempted to initiate a GoFundMe campaign for her defense, but were thwarted by the site's Terms and Conditions, which were updated on April 29 to specify the site can choose not to allow "campaigns in defense of formal charges or claims of heinous crimes, violent, hateful, sexual or discriminatory acts". (GoFundMe nixes fundraiser for Kentucky clerk).

So that does it, right? The answer to my question is obviously nothing. Kim Davis will make no money for being bigoted.

But wait! Her fellow bigots aren't giving up yet. They still wish to reward Davis for standing up to the "homobrigade" (as dubbed by WND commenter "HockeyShark").

Another option for getting $$$ to Davis was brought up by another WND commenter.

Marcus Hester: The left-leaning fundraising site GoFundMe has declined to accept a fundraising campaign for jailed Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis. THIS IS WHERE CHRISTIANS UNITE AND HELP ONE OF OUR ON! GIVE NOW AT CHRISTIANFUNDME.COM - now set up! Help is on the way!

Christians are stepping up to the plate ... help Kim Davis - just put up! Christian Funding Site - this is what we do! #1 For Christians Help her now - send donations - Show her we love her! -Doc.

According to "ChristianFundMe" the tally for Kim Davis so far is $23 (given by Marcus Hester)... with a goal of $50,000.

Supposedly this is to cover her legal fees, but I suspect that won't stop supporters from sending her as much as they can in excess of those fees... as a way to reward her for her bigotry. The question is... how much do you think she's going to profit off this? How much will supporters send her? Will there be a paid interview? A book deal? Also, did profiting off becoming a martyr inform her decision to defy the judge (at least in part)?

According to Salon Davis makes a cool 80K a year for the job she's currently refusing to do (not too shabby). And, given that she's an elected official, cannot be fired from.

Perhaps Mike Huckabee with huckster some money out of his supports pass some along to Davis? The huckster is holding a "#ImWithKim Liberty Rally" on Tuesday and the National Organization for Marriage has a goal of gifting her with 100K (also according to Salon).

Perhaps I should become a gay bigot martyr? Obviously it pays very well. Also, I surely would not feel the least bit guilty for taking money from any (fake) Christians who wanted to support me.

Image: Kim Davis receives support from her fellow "Christian" bigots. According to the NBC News story this picture is attached to, a local evangelist named Randy Smith asked a group of 200 supporters "how many of you are thankful that we actually have somebody who has a backbone to stand up against wickedness in high places".

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  1. Via Wikipedia: A page was set up to solicit donations in support of Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Michael Brown. ...many of the attached comments were considered highly racist and inflammatory.

    Highly racist, huh? No surprise there. Although me not being surprised might be because I see a "bigot or a racist behind every tree, even when there isn't one there".

  2. That's pretty funny Dervish. I don't think she has quite mastered the fleece as well as someone like George Zimmerman.

    Kim Davis has no more to gain by retaining an attorney than a guy caught driving with a BAC of .25% with an almost empty bottle of rum on the front seat who asked the arresting officer, "How 'bout a little drinkie-poo, offsher?"

    1. According to what I heard recently, there is a Conservative organization that is completely covering her legal fees... so it looks like she's going to come out of this at least 100k richer.

  3. Well she's on her way home now. Her attorney is arguing that the State of Kentucky is obligated to give her the freedom to exercise her religion in any way that she can be reasonably accommodated. My understanding about accommodating people's religious preferences and observances in the workplace is more about allowing people to leave work to attend various religious services (i.e. Ash Wednesday,) or not discriminating for clothing or personal habits related to the practice of their religion. Allowing her to discriminate in the name of her religion seems to me to seriously miss the point of religious freedom and anti-discrimination laws.

  4. Davis is looking to enter the sacred halls of the persecuted religious zealots.


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