Thursday, March 28, 2019

No Collusion Delusion

Dotard tRump did not collude with Russia? That's what Mueller says, despite the colluding we all saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears. Except Mueller hasn't "said" squat, as all we currently know is what Bill Barr SAYS about what's in the (300 to 1k page) Mueller report. Wake up media! This is what Barr was brought in to do! Yet it seems the "fake news" is buying the Barr spin.

Cover-up? We'll know shortly, I suppose. In the meantime almost everyone is on board with Barr's summary of Mueller's report. Collusion delusion? No! It's a no collusion delusion.

DSB #79


  1. If tRump The Giant Orange Turd gets away with this one can only conclude he is one very smart devious and nefarious asshole.

  2. As a fair thinking American citizen who is neither predigest, bigoted, or anti-semitic, and as a man, I couldn't really care less about the gender or color of another individual. I really hated Hillary Clinton for what she stood for, her arrogance, her entitlement, her poor judgement and her utter lack of character. I felt that she would have been a horrible president. And I thank God for Donald Trump finally putting that Lying, Crooked POS out to pasture.

  3. We note that Steve returns with a Massive Ass Gas Attack.

  4. Hmmm, your source is Rob Reiner, known in Hollywood circles as "meathead." Carry on.

  5. I have it on good source that Rouille (aka Rusty) is known as "Pinhead".

  6. Rob Reiner's CHARACTER (on a TV program that ended decades ago) was known as "meathead". Not Reiner himself. And certainly not in "Hollywood circles". Reiner is respected in Hollywood circles. It's trumpers who profess to hate Hollywood. Even though they continue to watch the TV shows and pay to see the movies of the Hollywood "limousine liberals" they hate.

    1. Rouille is a limousine con elitist. A bonafide tRumpian pinhead.

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