Friday, July 4, 2014

Cancelled: Acceptance Of Invited Readers Via the email Contact Form

I have decided to cancel the acceptance of invited readers via the email contact form located at the top of my sidebar. The reason being that the possibility exists for spoofing.

Given that ANY email and name can be entered in the form, even if neither belongs to the person submitting the request, it is possible that someone could submit false information in an attempt to spoof a request from another blogger.

If you are someone who has submitted a request in this matter I politely request that you resubmit your request by sending me a PROPER email. My email address is Regarding those requests... I am not going to reply to them. If you submitted one, I apologize.

You may have been waiting for a reply - but you're not going to get one. I simply cannot tell if they are genuine or not. If you are still interested in becoming an invited reader please contact me by email from your email address. Do NOT use the contact form.

Any and all past and future requests to become an invited reader that come to me by way of the email contact form will not be replied to.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and me not realizing the possibility of spoof requests being submitted before I directed people to use the email contact form.

Update: I have removed the email contact form. Please use the electronic communications address referred to above if you wish to submit a request to become an invited reader. Thank you.

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