Friday, July 11, 2014

Invited Readers Wanted!

Hey, you like the idea of belonging to an exclusive organization that doesn't allow undesirable people in? Now is your chance to join a blog where exclusivity is the goal! Just send an email to me at the address indicated in this blog post and, if you meet the criteria, you could become an invited reader of this blog.

Of course being an invited reader also means you are an invited commenter. Both reading and commenting on this blog is PROHIBITED for non-members, BTW. So... You know, it just occurred to me that, given that nobody should be reading this because (at this point) nobody has been invited... how does anyone know to send me an email to become invited?

You should not be reading this, so how can you read this to find out HOW to be invited? And, if I do get any requests for invitations, I know those people BROKE THE RULES of no reading. That surely is a vexing quandary, and I'm not sure what the answer might be. Send out invitations, possibly?

That could be a problem, except that I'd rather not bother people. My preference is that they find this blog on their own, look it over, and then take the initiative in contacting me. That way the request is their own, and if they aren't interested they simply won't contact me.

That would be opposed to me bothering people with annoying emails asking if they want to join. Oh well. Given that I don't know what to do, I shall do nothing. Anyway, anyone who stumbles across this blog will probably be tempted to read anyway (and so will see this post instructing people who want to become invited readers to email me).

That is OK. But I warn these uninvited readers: Make your decision after reading this immediately! Send me an email (and then LEAVE and read no more. And wait for me to get back to you)... or... Decide you do not want to become an invited reader (and LEAVE and read no more and NEVER return)!

As I have warned previously unauthorized viewings of this blog will NOT be tolerated. They WILL be reported to Blogger... and, who knows, your rules infraction might just get you kicked off Blogger (if you are on Blogger).

If you are not on Blogger... I don't know what might happen. The question you should be asking yourself is... do you want to find out? Problem is, at that point it will be too late... so why risk it? Go away now. Read no more. Don't stick around and possibly be regretting it later.

You can't say you were not warned.

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