Sunday, August 3, 2014

An Individual With The Last Name of Marks Is Not Invited

Just to be clear, an individual with the last name of "Marks" is not invited to comment on this blog. I mention this individual because I recently discovered him whining on another blog regarding this forum.

Seems the exclusivity of this blog rubs him the wrong way. Not because he contacted me and asked to join. No, he wouldn't do that. Because he knows his request would be rejected. So he simply whines on another blog where he thinks he will get some sympathy.

But this is not the forum for him, anyway. Seems this person is REALLY into homoerotica, which this blogger is not. This isn't that type of blog. As to what might be discussed here, upcoming topics might include politics or entertainment, but sadly no homoerotica.

But there could be other forums where this person can find what he's looking for. I wouldn't know, as I've never looked into it. Not that there is anything wrong with that - if homoerotica is your thing. It just isn't mine. No offense if it's your thing, though.

Anyway, this person is banned from this blog, so he should STOP coming here, looking, and wishing he could join. As I mentioned previously, scum like this Marks fellow is the very reason I made this blog INVITED ONLY. To keep out undesirables like him.

So go away Marks and do not return. You will NEVER be invited to join, no matter how much you whine. And don't even think about begging!

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