Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yes, The Hundreds of Invitation Requests That Have Been Submitted Are STILL Being Evaluated

Some of those who have submitted invitation requests to this blog to become invited readers and commenters might be wondering why it is taking so long for said requests to be evaluated. Like I said previously, every individual who submitted a request is being carefully screened to ensure they are the RIGHT kind of person that should be admitted to this EXCLUSIVE blog.

Although I did forget to mention that one of the reasons - aside from the fact that each request is being thoroughly and carefully evaluated and every individual's background being gone over with a fine tooth comb - is the volume. Yes, it seems that literally hundreds of people are eager for the recognition that will come with being admitted to this exclusive blog.

And, I honestly can say that I am not surprised. I mean, who WOULDN'T want to be a member of an exclusive blog where the members are carefully selected to keep out the undesirables?

Anyway, when the evaluations are complete the select few who will be allowed to read and also comment on this blog will be admitted and the EXCLUSIVE reading and commenting will commence. If you are a person who has submitted a request I apologize for the delay, but you wouldn't want just ANYONE to be able to read and comment here, would you?

Of course you wouldn't. Only bloggers of a certain caliber will be admitted, which is why the background of each submitter needs to be carefully checked and evaluated - which is a process that takes time.

Especially given the VOLUME of requests that have been submitted. And the fact that some of them may be fraudulent. But, not to worry, these fraudsters WILL be routed out! And reported to the appropriate authorities. Then they will be SORRY that they tried to gain access to this blog by misrepresenting themselves!

Anyway, I am positive that, in the end, everyone who is admitted will appreciate that the time was taken to make SURE that no undesirables gain admittance.

That said, I thank you for your invitations requests (those who submitted them), and apologize in advance to those who fail to make the cut. Or some of those who failed to make the cut. Others are clearly not going to be admitted AND they will know why they asked to get in but were told NO.

In addition to the fraudsters, that is. Aside from them there are others who won't make the cut.

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