Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Bill Weld: "Trump Has Blood On His Hands" Re El Paso Terror Attack & "He's Going To Go Down Big Time In 2020" Because (In Part) Latinos Aren't Going To Vote For Him

The following words of Bill Weld (the 68th governor of MA from 1991-1997) were spoken on MSNBC's Hardball, 8/7/2019. Weld, a Republican who formerly ran on the Libertarian ticket as Gary Johnson's VP is currently running against Donald Trump for the Republican Nomination.

Chris Matthews: ...most [republicans] have remained silent on any responsibility on the part of Donald Trump and his fanning of the flames of hate in this country. But a lone Republican challenging the president, former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, didn't hold back, writing on Twitter, [writing] "what will it take to stop the hate speech, stop the racist rants from the White House, and stop accepting the unacceptable?".

For more I'm joined by Bill Weld. ... Governor, what is this about? ... let's talk about this president and Latinos. He doesn't seem to want them in his party.

Bill Weld: Yeah, Chris. That's absolutely right. There is no longer any doubt that the president has blood on his hands. You can draw a direct line from that manifesto of the shooter in El Paso to the Trump handbook. ...I think it's fairly easy to see what's going to happen. If the president continues in the direction he's going - more and more unhinged - he's going to go down big time in 2020. And, I say this with mixed feelings at best, he's going to take a lot of Republican Party in Washington with him. ...they're going to suffer massive losses. ...

I think he and Steve Bannon decided... that their playbook is to divide the American people and get everyone all upset... then it will be easier for them to make their autocratic play. And say, here's our man on horseback coming to rescue all of us because everything is in such terrible shape. He reminds me of Big Brother in 1984 - 2 minutes of hate every afternoon to make people more malleable. At the end of the day that's what Trump is trying to do. I think... it's despicable, frankly.

[End Hardball 8/7/2019 Excerpt]

Hmm.. I sure hope Bill Weld is right. I feel like we've reached a tipping point. And that the American people have had enough of tRump's hate.

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  1. Always liked Bill Wekd. My respect for him has climed higher recently BECAUSE he has the BALLS to tell the TRUTH regarding Trump. The only republican telling the unvarnished truth about him. Big kudos for him.


  2. The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual)November 29, 2019 at 5:59 AM

    Everyone in my immediate family hates Dotard. My parents watch MSNBC and my mom is a Rachel Maddow fan. Although her brother's family are republicans we haven't seen any of them in years (they live very far away). No gathering that includes tRump supporters for me this thanksgiving (for many years previously or any years going forward).



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