Monday, August 5, 2019

The Racist Rhetoric Of Donald Trump Acting As An Accelerant Re White Supremacist Violence

The following monologue from ex-republican Congressperson Joe Scarbourgh on MSNBC's "Morning Joe", 8/5/2019...

...anybody who has been following the news at all for the last 3-4 years knows that, we could - and we have - show clips this morning of the president of the United States inciting violence at his rallies. Talking about beating the hell out of people. Talking about paying [the legal fees of] anybody who beats the hell out of somebody. Talking about assassinating Hillary Clinton with what he called "2nd amendment solutions" to her appointing federal judges [had she been elected].

We could go down a long laundry list. We could also go down a long laundry list of what he's said about immigrants. Again, calling Hispanics "breeders", calling Mexicans rapists, calling women of Congress who oppose his polices un-American, saying that they should go back home. That is a NAZI sort of chant. It's what the NAZIs said about Jews and Gypsies. We saw it spill over into the crowd in North Carolina - chanting "go back home", "send her home".

Again, this it does not take a great imagination. In fact, it takes deal of denial on the part of any Donald Trump supporter, to not hear this continued hateful language. To not hear the continued warnings from people saying "this will lead to violence" - and then, to try to pretend that what happened in El Paso wasn't connected directly to the hate speech of Donald J. Trump.

[End Morning Joe 8/5/2019 Rant]

There can no longer be any denial of the fact that the racist and hate-filled rhetoric of (as I call him) Grand Wizard Dotard is inspiring White Nationalist violence. NONE. Morning Joe is correct. This flaming of hate by the leader of the free world is not something we (the majority that voted for HRC) should tolerate. Dotard tRump has GOT to go. The sooner the better. IMO Dotard is the worst president ever. Not just in my lifetime, but in the entire US history. He certainly makes the top 10. Easily.

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