Friday, June 13, 2014

Successfully Keeping Out The Riff-Raff

As the header at the top of this blog notes, the site is open to be read only by those who have been invited. While I have no way of knowing if absolutely no unauthorized viewers have been breaking the "no reading" rule (aside from the one incident), I am happy to report that there have been ZERO unauthorized comments left.

After I warned that person (the unauthorized viewer), I suspect that he (or anyone else who may have read this blog without being approved) was too frightened to dare leave a comment. So my warning obviously worked. Dennis Marks (the unauthorized viewer) ran away and did not return. He was afraid he'd be subjected to the punishments I suggested might apply if he did.

Of that I can't be positive, but I've got a strong feeling that is exactly what happened. He did not issue a report regarding the incident, in any case. Because if he had... then I would have known for sure that he came back for a second look.

So, Dennis Marks kept out... as well as any other riff-raff or undesirables. Given that this blog is for INVITED readers and commenters only, I must be vigilant that the exclusivity of this site is maintained.

And, you can trust me when I say that scumbags like Dennis Marks would be the WORST kind of riff-raff to get in... if he did. But my warning obviously worked in scaring him off.

What this means is that now we (me and my invited readers) can get back to discussing things of greater importance. Without having to worry about being harassed or spied on by slimeballs like Dennis.

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