Monday, June 2, 2014

Unauthorized Viewing

Recently it has come to my attention that this blog, which is restricted to INVITED readers only, was viewed by an unauthorized individual. This person did not request an invite... although if he had I would have turned him down.

The reason being that this individual is a lying scumbag, the very type of degenerate this blog being for invited readers only is meant to keep out. Just so he knows, if he were to send me a request for an invite he would not be accepted.

And, how do I know this unauthorized viewing took place? The individual in question commented about it on another blog...

Dennis Marks: Will, have you seen the latest blog, members only, that WD has wanked out? You can't make this stuff up. As Bania would say, "It's gold, Jerry. Gold!". (JUNE 1, 2014 AT 1:23 PM).

And the words "members only" is a link in his comment (to the picture below). Clearly he is making fun, yet this person's OWN BLOG is restricted to "invited readers only"!

No surprise regarding the hypocrisy, given the fact that this guy is well known to be a deluded liar. So, in his mind it's OK for his blog to be for invited readers only, but for this one... well, that is something to be joked about.

Not that he should even be reading this, so me speaking to him with this post is something he should never read. Although, if he is, let me say to him "get lost. You aren't invited, nor will you ever be welcome here. You are not allowed to even VIEW this blog, let alone comment".

Nor is any other individual who isn't invited, I might add. And, in regards to who MAY comment (people I invite), there are currently none. Except myself, of course. I am "invited" by default. Anyone else must be approved (by me).

Please shoot me an email via the contact form in the upper righthand corner of my sidebar if you wish to be invited.

Over and out.

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