Thursday, June 5, 2014

This Blog is For Invited Readers Only!

Have you been invited to read this blog? If you were invited you'd know it. If not, then you need to leave immediately, as viewing, reading, and commenting on this blog is for those who have been invited... and for no one else.

So, if you have not been invited, you need to LEAVE immediately. Frankly you're already in violation of the rules, as you should not even have begun reading any of the posts. Everything YOU need to know is contained in the header... which VERY clearly says this is a blog exclusively for those who have been invited.

Given that you were NOT invited reading any further could get you in big trouble, bub. Fact is, your IP address has been recorded and the time you spend here is being timed. 30 seconds or less and you'll be OK. Any more than that and there will be a follow up. You violating the rules will be investigated and there could be consequences.

Serious consequences.

Like the possibility of being banned from Blogger as well as Google (given that Google owns Blogger). You really want to be banned from Google?

Yes, it is possible that I'm bluffing, or even lying through my teeth... but ask yourself, is that a chance you REALLY want to take? Really?

Or might it be better to be safe rather than sorry? If you'd rather be safe I suggest leaving right away and NEVER returning. You MIGHT be sorry if you stay. Just remember that I gave you fair warning.

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